CBN NewsWatch AM: February 27, 2020

CBN NewsWatch AM: February 27, 2020

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  1. At least there advising the public on some measures to take to improve your chances of not being infected. Maybe, some people will be more considerate and wear a mask or stay home when theyre sick, instead of sending their kids to school when theyre sick ,like where I live.

  2. Can anyone say fearmongering? I'm more concerned about getting the ful then this bogues bull. More people have died from the flu then anyone has from this weaponized virus. It's a genetically modified common cold virus and nothing more. So the question you have ask yourself is why are they hyping this up all over everywhere. Especially since there has been more people who have actually died from the flu virus then the Corona virus. So my question is to you who stands to benefit from this fearmongering that's being propagandize all over the news? I truly believe this is nothing but another attempt at sabotaging the entire global economy because now it's even starting to effort the stockmarkets and industry's all over the world. There is so much misinformation about this whole situation and it's starting to come very clear to anyone who has just half of a fully functioning brain we are being manipulated by the world powers that like to stay hidden behind closed doors. So no I'm not buying any of it, what's being sold to us over this whole situation is based on a half truth's and the real whole real truth has been and is continuing being kept from us. So just remember you have a higher chance of dying from the common flu then you do of the Coronavirus. Stay strong my brother's and sisters in Christ Jesus and don't give in the the fear that's being sold to you. Think for yourselfers and stay strong in practical wisdom until the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Amen and again I say Amen.

  3. Funny , freedom from religion ! I worked hospice years ! Not one person I saw ever resisted praying with me! One man, years ago, was Jewish very staunch. In the final days he asked me would Jesus forgive me of things I've done? Anything ? I said Yes ! We talked about terrible things he did. Use your imagination and double that! I also prayed oh Lord please hear his pray wash him clean! I Jesus will forgive all who truly repent. I'll be looking for him in heaven ! God bless

  4. Corona is respiratory virus. Just like Hong Kong flu was. Wash hands, cough and sneeze in tissues. Don’t spread your germs. We have viruses every year. Lysol spray says it kills Corona viruses. They’ve been around.

  5. Seriously….. contact tracing and strict quarantine. It isn't a joke. Doctors even with gloves and masks have caught it. That is how contagious it is. Fact that there are deaths…. prove it isn't a laughing matter. Take it seriously but never panic. Stupid dems … why do you have them in politics.

  6. Weinstein is an unbeliever and has no faith in God or country! Weinstein u need to seek Jesus and search the truth and stop spitting so much hate. He is WRONG – Jesus is everything and without Him you have NOTHING! Jesus is the key and the way – Jesus said i am the way the truth and the life – NO MAN commeth to the Father BUT BY ME. Jesus said if you have not the father you have not the Son and if you have not the son you have not the Father . ANY religion that rejects Jesus Christ as the son of the living God – lord and savior…….is NOT of God. plain and simple. There is ONLY 1 God and that is the God of the Bible – Christ Jesus is the Son and there is no other truth out there BUT HIS. Yall believers in Christ – blessings to ya'll – keep watching and be ready.

  7. True Believers in Christ NEED TO STAND and continue to STAND – and not give in to ANY group who threatens them. Be not afraid of those who can kill the body but be afraid of Him who can kill body and soul! God is our shield! God is our protection! God is our Guide. God is our Lord , savior, deliverer, and KING~

  8. Jesus is coming soon!…we are in the end of days!!….the world is being woken up with earthquakes and all the weather conditions…rumors of war…pestilence….and we see this with the corona virus…all the birth pangs are beginning and getting stronger…it talks about this in the Bible…we see all the signs around us that the world is falling apart it ain’t gonna last forever…accept Jesus before it is too late!…

  9. In all likelihood this is just a foreshadowing of what's coming in the bowls of wrath events that come with the 70th week of Daniel, which starts with the affirming of a peace covenant of some sort. It will be a public event. My money is on (that's just a figure of speech because I don't bet, OK?) this simmering down. Just to give the world an idea on how big a leap in the pestilence's reach can be from SARS to this.

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