Staying Connected to Dying Loved Ones: 'Grief Opens a Door to the Enemy'

Staying Connected to Dying Loved Ones: ‘Grief Opens a Door to the Enemy’

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    My , blessings unto you!
    Well , she is surely at
    I lost my sister , when
    She was 5&a 1/2 .
    She was ran over by a drunk
    Driver on 26 oktober 1979.
    She was ( d.o.a.!)
    And shd had a closed coffin.
    Thine drunk was 26.
    I was 11, my brother was 10.
    I was the oldest , i was supposed
    To look out for her!!
    Yet tis she my pre birth angel who
    Looks out o' er. Me,from up on high!
    Ive fully for given thine drunk, and
    Ive prayed for him and his children.
    I fear ,death not, why??
    Jesus died on a holy cross for all
    Of us ,and my sister went at 5& a 1/2.
    Ive seen her in many dreams , o' er the years, still yet she is the same age!
    When last we met. , we hugged
    Up on high! This hugg was the full equivalent of 10,000
    Lightning bolts!
    I know it was her , with out a doubt!
    I never , have seen her face clearly
    ,yet. This brought me to the
    Ultimate point for forgivness!
    I thought , well what if the drunk was ,
    Seeing her face at various tymes??
    And this was too much for me , then i prayed unto jesus and i fully forgave thine drunk!!
    Love. Is why we are here!!
    My angel up on high!
    Cheryl joy
    20 march 1974
    26 oktober 1979
    Forgivness is for
    The only thing
    That shall keep
    Any of us living ,
    In his faith,
    His vision,
    His hope!
    All my prayers unto
    If i was offred the
    Miraculous , for
    Meeting thine
    Drunk i would
    Say unto him
    My dear
    Brother i
    Fully forgiven yea,
    And i gladly have
    Prayed unto yea
    And your dear
    God,and jesus have
    Both verrilly
    Forgiven me,
    So why can not i
    Fully forgive yea??
    J.frank wilson
    In 1960 wrote a
    Purely spiritual song!
    ( Last kiss!!)
    I t is my favorite song
    Now! I ve loved it as a kid!

    Where oh where ,can my babie be??

    The lord took her away from me!!

    Shes gone to heaven !!

    So ive got to be good !

    So i can see my babie,

    When. I 'a leave. 'A.

    This world. !!
    This was his major hit , as most of
    His band members , were killed in a
    Bus crash — whilst. On tour !!
    God speed !!

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