The Crossover Live Revival – Joshua Fowler

Join Leaders from Around the World for #TheCrossover Live May 21-31! During these 10 Days Ablaze we’re going Beyond the Passover, the Red Sea & Jordan into the Promised Land of Pentecost! Get ready for Full-Blown Global Awakening & Harvest! Watch Daily #LIVE 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific / 8pm BST / 9pm SA on
Youtube @ Joshua Fowler or

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  1. The triangle symbol at the top right of the thumbnail looks eerily similar to the Egyptian symbolism of the pyramid and the all seeing eye…. Just saying. Repent of your sins and seek Jesus while HE may be found. Turn from your idols , and serve the Living God. The end of all things is upon us. Things will not go back to normal we are at the point of no return. Much love to anybody reading this and it's not an accident that you are. Take care

  2. At the time of the "difficult years" of the Third Republic (the post-war period, 1920-1940), Albert Vigneau was a very influential Freemason: Master of the Grand Lodge of France, founder and deputy of five lodges, attached to the same obedience or belonging to others (Mixed Grand Lodge and Human Rights). He was also the founder of the Masonic magazine: Le Symbolisme. But suddenly, in 1934, A. Vigneau decided to leave Freemasonry and to break definitively with his obedience. To explain his decision and the reasons for this rupture, he published a book at the beginning of which he expressed himself in these terms:

    "For months I have felt uncomfortable in the atmosphere of the Masonic Lodges. I quickly realized that we were lying to the candidate wishing to be admitted to this society, by representing it as being what it is not: Freemasonry, an association of free citizens, of good character and sound judgment, seeking to know the truth in all areas: moral, philosophical, scientific, economic? Lie ! I, who am an old Mason, former dignitary of my Lodge, I say, I affirm, it is a lie. The Masonic Workshops are not places where we give a philosophical initiation, where "we make men worthy of the name, aware and enlightened citizens" as "they" claim in their publications …. No! In the Masonic Workshops, we mainly deal with political intrigue, anticlericalism, secularism in the most pejorative sense of the word, and … anti-militarism … This is what they call "to fight against errors, against fictions … The Fatherland is a mistake. God is a fiction. "

  3. Dans Proverbes, au chapitre 6, verset 12… : « L’homme pervers, l’homme inique, marche la fausseté dans la bouche, il cligne des yeux, parle du pied, fait des signes avec les doigts. »

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