RFID Chip May Be Tied to the New Coronavirus Vaccine

Watch now: Interview with Jay Walker, CEO of Apiject Systems, whose company is in a $138 million public-private partnership with the White House called Project Jumpstart. Their job is to innovate a way to deliver millions of vaccines to Americans fast using eyedrop technology, and potentially using RFID Chips on a voluntary basis to track vaccine use to aid public health officials during potential future outbreaks.

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  1. Did Hitler buy CBN. This is nothing like the CBN I remember. What happened? This is discouraging. Our "Christian" brothers/sisters are providing propaganda for the other side. WOW!

  2. Did he just say a β€œtemporary” government program?

  3. Know your rights hotline @Constitutional Coach. No GMO vaccine for me, no contact tracing. We need a peaceful revolution based on our constitution. Apostle Paul appealed for his rights as a citizen.

  4. Pass along. If you have an IPhone don’t update! It has the Covid-19 tracking software so Google (whatever it is) and Apple (iOS 13.5) can tract users β€˜just in case they come in contact with a Covid-19 patient’. The problem is what is a person with CCP virus doing out on the street in the first place??? They are suppose to be in quarantine. How would they know if the person is infected without they being tested in the first place to then tract them??? The bottom line is Google/Apple just want to tract all of us anyways! There was a law against this practice passed years ago but I think they can bypass it through our consent to the software. However, how does one get out of this update for the next security update down the road? See!!!!πŸ€”πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  5. The vaccine, or any medication, is good subject matter.
    The delivery of the story today was far from exciting.
    The real click bait today is the word, "micro chip", and you reeled us in!
    I would start on my genuine concerns with the flaws in this story, but there is no point..
    Yeah, you got us

  6. "Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program" – Milton Friedman, Noble Prize winner in economics and Ronald Reagan's Economist. This people are out of their freaking minds! Stop this before it's too late!!! So, seems the "conspiracy theorists" were right all along!!!

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