Moshe Sharon on Islam

Moshe Sharon on Islam



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  1. Now we know why Muhammed was given the kuran. It is because of you Jews and Christians that have changed the real religion for control and personal gain. This is the reason why you try to change the 5 pillars and add a 6th pillar according to your own personal gain. Like whoever made you into a professor or whatever you would like to call yourself. You clown

  2. The concept of house of war and house of peace is not a real part of real Islam, its a concept of Muslim Salafism, its not our real Islam, its an extremist Islam of Alqaeda, please explain this. This concept damage and distort our good image of Islam

  3. he said 5 pillars and he told the five pillars and he add 1 more pillar from his bocket what un ignorent person, u call ur self professor but i call u blah-sore, u wasted ur time old man just learn the religion pal.

  4. this "professor" is islamophob. he tells you the state interpretation of khalif umar what has nothing to do with the real peaceful core to wish Allah guides and educates people with the Quran: Islam = Honest submitting in heart to Allah = Mercy/Love/Peace/Hope/Happiness/ for all creation.

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