Starving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery

A new cancer treatment that is free has virtually no side effects and can be used in conjunction with other cancer treatments. It involves starving cancer cells of the fuel they the love.



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  1. Think about it. In the 60s & 70s, the public was told to go low fat and eat more grains. (sugar increased as well) That's when the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's etc., began and the health industry profits went through the roof. I'm not sure it was all accidental.

    I'm now doing a strict ketogenic diet and expect that I will do it for life. I haven't felt so good in many years.

  2. Mentioned this to a friend of mine with cancer. Told him to do what the doctor says, but explore the ketogenic diet on YouTube. Result? He's eating pizza and burgers. The problem with so many people is their doctor (especially their oncologist) is God. Unfortunately, these Gods know nothing about nutrition.

  3. Not sure how much meat you are suppoed to eat on the ketogenic diet, but eating meat increases the main growth hormone IGF1 which increase the chances of cancer, basically it makes things grow, look at vegan vs meat eating bodybuilders, when you eat meat or animal protein your cells are in growth mode the opposite i.e. fasting will more readily starve cancer seeing as cells aren't in growth mode but in a kind of defensive mode hence dna repair is possible.
    Yes sugar is bad but if carbs are so bad then why have thousands of cancer survivors beat cancer with things like carrot juice, beets etc and Im talking about serious pancreatic cancers, ketogenic diets that have put into remission serious cancers ike pancreatic cancer for more than 5 yrs could then be taken seriously.
    I doubt that cancers only use Glucose, vit C, glutamine etc etc is used for cancer to survive.

  4. Somewhere on youtube I saw a chart which showed people doing nutrition based treatment for cancer survived 4-5x longer than usual Chemo and radiation type. Most of the patients on chemo etc. lose battle to the treatment related complications rather than to cancer itself. Best to to conduct preventive measures to not get cancer like B17, Baking Soda, H2O2 intakes etc. For those already on the hit parade, run both nutrition and traditional treatments together. Starving cancer cells of fuel is a fine logic and should be implemented.

  5. My friend had operation of tyroid cancer few weeks ago , they gave her some tomato soup , i couldn't believe was full of sugar , the strange thing here is we never heard about tomato soup with sugar, and for the first time it cames from oncology department???
    Came on… they want to kills us
    thats the true and we need to wake up people !!!
    Dont tell me they dont know cancer loves sugar!!

  6. I was diagnosed with medium to high grade Prostate cancer with a PSA score of 5.85 and Gleason scores of 7,8,9 in over 50% of the sample. Received my diagnosis on 10/1. Went to Sloan Kettering. Everyone was concerned with my PSA even though I had always heard that PSA is an unreliable indicator. I finally asked my Oncologists why the obsession with PSA score since it has limited reliability. He told me, it's limited use before you get diagnosed, but once we know you have it, it's highly correlated to my cancer. I am still going through bone scans, Ct scans, MRI's. Some fuzzy things they want to clarify.

    So long story short, I switched to a keto diet and within two months my PSA is down to 3.12 where it was two years ago. Also took some supplements that were good for Prostate like Pomegranite extact, etc.

    I was only mildly in ketosis. Urine test strips were slightly pink, but I did check it occaisionally with a meter. I was only on keto fully for a few weeks, the rest of the time I was just careful about keeping low blood sugar. Since I am a former Akins dieter I know can easily go into ketosis. Now for Thanksgiving, I came off the low Keto diet for a few days, but given the startling results I am now going back on it with a vengence.

    I have not confronted the doctors with my new results that would indicate my cancer is going away. But I am sure they would tell me to ignore it. My goal at this time is to give keto some more time and than rebiopsy. Hopefully I can avoid surgery or radiation with keto.

  7. i've read lots of fat loss and nutrition books that give direction on how to get lean, fit and healthy. this book is different in that he doesn't just quote statistics and footnote research articles, he actually breaks the studies down and analyzes them. This is a rare find for a book like this.  🙂

  8. Our friend is diagnosed with stomach cancer, and he’s on chemo, since his appetite is low, he drinks ensure vitamin drink as a source of nutrition, but that drink is full of sugar. Doesn’t it feed the cancer cell?

  9. I started the Keto diet and lost 27 pounds in 3 weeks, my blood sugar levels are now normal after being very high. I no longer need metformin, I feel very healthy now and instead of just walking, I am now running and have energy to spare. I only wish I had discovered this sooner! My wife could not help but see the transformation in me. She has been dealing with stage 4 breast cancer for 2 years now, and now is on the Keto diet, she is due for a Pet scan in a few days, Pet scans reveal cancer progression when injected with a glucose solution, the glucose travels through the system and attaches to cancer, it is then able to be seen with the scan. Since my wife no longer uses sugar or carbs, we are hoping that there will be no cancer for the glucose to attach to. Will post her results.

  10. I've been on the keto diet for some time now. People think that the high fat will make your cholesterol go up. That's not true. My last blood work was the best results I've ever had! My cholesterol levels were excellent! It's a very healthy diet. These doctors don't want us to believe in it because they want to keep us sick and big pharma will lose money. I believe this diet does cure cancer but they want to push chemo and radiation cause they make billions on that.

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