Last year we brought you the story of Baby Adam. He was born severely deformed, but got a second chance at life, thanks to love from total strangers. Now, he’s facing more challenges..
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  1. How does he becoming anAmerican citizen give him health insurance???? Are we talking Medicaid??? Dam…. everyone's answer to everything… get poor… come to America and yippee… free health care… in the meantime…. an American who worked hard all his life at the same company 30 yrs to be exact, gets let go because of downsizing…. which is getting rid of the higher paid salaries, that took 30 + yrs to get… this person who worked hard all those yrs can't get assistance because God forbid the bought a house during those hardworking years….

  2. Sorry but there are American kids who have needs.  Lets just keep paying for this kid…NO I feel its a waste & I resent it. He can't hold his head up.  Lets go to Appalachia & help those kids with no food, education or access to healthcare. All this to a kid well meaning people came across & decided America should foot his bills. Im disgusted. He should go back to India & let them operate on him.

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