Californians Fleeing 'Nanny State' for Texas

Stunning beauty and great weather haven’t stopped some 3.5 million Californians from deserting the Golden State. One major reason: frustration with California being the worst of the “nanny states.”



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  1. Where going to turn Texas into a liberal state another Sanctuary socialist virtue signaling I'm a victim 24 hours because I'm black .baby killing Psychopaths we're coming to Texas to take over and turn the place into a s*******……

    Note For those that got triggered does it help that I'm black men

  2. Buy guns guns guns the Liberals are coming to take them from law abiding citizens they're going to bring their liberalism mentality Texas baby killing socialism taxes taxes taxes and more taxes virtual signaling 24-hours I'm a victim ,safe space , and Sanctuary cities unfeathered immigration

  3. 1:41 im no democrat or liberal or anything but banning plastic bags is a good thing. This woman doesn't care about the ocean environment and what's happening to the ocean. Texas to should ban plastic bags. Hell, all of America should ban plastic bags. Use recycle bags they are not that hard to use and they're very cheap

  4. The problem is they all bring their commie ways with them. I think we native born Texans should have a test for foreigners to take before entering if you fail the test keep driving. Look at Austin, Dallas and Houston infested with liberal thinkers all no doubt came from California, newyork and other communist regime states. They are destroying our great state.

  5. When I was 7 my parents moved our Family from Oxnard CA to Dallas TX because their boss gave them an amazing job offer. Within three months of moving to TX, the company my parents worked for went out of business, but they already bought the house. So we got stuck in Texas and we're still here to this day.

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