Muslim Brotherhood Influence Reaches White House

Muslim Brotherhood Influence Reaches White House



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  1. The plan to destroy us can be purchased online at Amazon for only $5.00: An Explanatory Memorandum: From the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America (Center for Security Policy Archival Series) by Mohamed Akram (Author), David Reaboi (Author) , Frank J Gaffney Jr (Preface).

    I suggest CBN and all other media begin making it known this plan can be purchased and recommend voters buy copies for all of their politicians to read and ask they to hold hearings in the House & Senate.

  2. Once the Muslim Brotherhood in America (Ikhwan) document was entered into evidence at the Holy Land foundation trial DOD/JCS Shariah/Islamic law expert Stephen Coughlin wrote an analysis on the Muslim Brotherhood plan on September 7, 2007, ANALYSIS OF MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD'S GENERAL STRATEGIC GOALS FOR NORTH AMERICA MEMORANDUM. Go to the Investigative Project on Terrorism website and review Coughlin’s analysis and then ask yourself why hasn’t the House & Senate held hearing son it?

  3. Obozo has become blatant in his hatred of America and love of islam. I hope Americans are ready when the shit hits the fan. The fact that I can't get guns in Canada because Americans are buying them all tells me that they are.

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