Redoubt: Northwest a Haven for Dismayed Americans

Some conservative American Christians are so dismayed with direction of the country that they’re looking for a safe place for their families. They call it the “American Redoubt.”



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  1. The man running redoubt real estate is prob breaking federal and state law, and cashing in on the prepper/Conservative Christian fear movement. They require people to fill out a "questionnaire".  Accepting of everyone? Please.  I'll walk with God where I'm standing no matter what.  He calls us to preach his salvation and I don't see that happening by moving away from where there is a need. Just my IMO.

  2. Strategically speaking, I wouldn't put any defensive asset next to an area prone to natural disasters such as active fault lines and volcanoes. The destructive potential just from Mt. Rainier alone could significantly change the natural habitat of the land around that powderkeg. Think about it carefully before moving closer to the Ring of Fire. Don't worry though, nothing won't be happening in the northwest any time soon. Just be aware, that's all.

  3. Praise the Lord!!! It is so awesome to find a territory I can move to where most people are true bible-believing Christians!! My real goal in life is moving there and leave behind all the corruption and filthiness and sin and wickedness that is found in the cities. God bless His people! I can not say God bless America because America has turned from God. Woe to America!!!!

  4. Several counties in Colorado voted in favor of leaving Colorado as a state back in 2014. The big one I live in is Weld on the border with Wyo, We voted no..but that might change in 2020. We could be annexed to Wyo if they would have us.. bit that has to be voted for in Colorado State Houses too. and accepted by Wyo. Colorado has become a haven for liberals and people who can never feed themselves if disaster strikes.

  5. There is nothing wrong with this negatively portrayed lifestyle. Not only is it safe, its cheap. These people are making good money and investing their extra liquid in hard assets. Precious metals to be exact. Online retailers, like Bullion Exchanges, ship it directly to their homes. Even trade and happy business for all.

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