Culture of Death: Belgium Eyes Child Euthanasia

Culture of Death: Belgium Eyes Child Euthanasia



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  1. I agree with the idea that the euthanasia is a bad plan, I hate the whole idea of it. But saying Belgians are 'not known for their compassion' because of their colonial past is a joke. There were terrible things that happened, but there was also sometimes care and compassion from hundreds of nuns or priests that lived there. Also: name me one country that was compassionate as a rule to natives in colonial times: I bet the natives in America can tell quite a story about that. 

  2. What a ridiculous report.

    First of all nobody is ever 'put to death' under the euthanasia law.
    The subject himself can choose this path if he feels that paliative cares don't suffice for him.

    My grandfather asked for Euthanasia, when he was suffering from multiple cancers at the same time and was simply suffering beyond belief. He chose to end his suffering. It still took 2 months of suffering for him before doctors finally granted him his final wish. If they hadn't, then I would have, out of love and respect for him.

    What shocks me is that some ppl seem to find it necessary for other ppl to keep living in absolute suffering, simply because they find it a big nono. I personally hope that those ppl would find themselves in a situation of terrible suffering, without the right to euthanasia, only then do they have a right to speak.

  3. A very brave decision made by humanist politicians, with the counsel and approval of prominent scientists, in Belgium. History will remember us as innovators, pioneers. A nation, once so tightly controlled by the catholic church, is now showing a progressive nature. Why should we care what the rest of this backwards world thinks? Between this and 50 years, many nations will follow our example.
    I'm Belgian and I support this law, to end suffering is a mercy not a crime.

  4. This is just stupid. Get your facts straight, cause the law explicitly say's that the child, the parents, the doctor, and the psychiatrist must agree for euthanasia. I'm myself a Belgian and I stand behind this law.

  5. preaching moral… it's very simple in my eyes: you want to switch places with people (don't mather if minor or adult) who are that ill that they have zero life quality?
    I don't think so. Keeping people alive against their own will is a goddamned abuse of power and sign of arrogance. Or don't you want them to die so big pharma can make mor profit by keeping them alive?  no one, not one person has the right to decide about your life but one self.      In case you want to mention live-saving doctors: what about death penalty then? or ain't that a doctor who does the execution?    In case of religious idea's: if god decides, why fighting a god's decision of taking a life by trying to keep one alive, knowing he's going to a sure death?

  6. Indeed, the facts should be used correctly. We are talking about children that MUST be capable of their own will, MUST be terminally ill (meaning, they will die in a relative short period of time) and they MUST be in unbearbale physical pains. Only in that case, the child may ask to end the suffering and after that also the parents, psychiatrist and docters must agree.

  7. Why do they always say that they arn't allowed to smoke / marry  or drink in these discussions. Also don't get why Congo has anything to do with this news report. If a kid suffers from a terminal disease why shouldn't it be allowed. And i know Christians will go around saying "you will be punished for killing yourself, you should die how god intended you to" for them I say stop taking medicine since god never intended you to take it. No one wants to die, but no one wants to live  in horrible pain knowing it will never stop.

  8. Proud to be belgian. Free from the tirranic cult of suffering. The dogma of the catholic church that suffering even in the most severe , hopeless and inhumane cases is somehow the will of an imaginary supervisor in the sky.
    The law is not there to put children to death. It only offers the possibility to have the option, in extreme cases, and with very strict rules, to make an end to an inhumane and hopeless situation.

  9. Culture of death?! Read the bible, thats a prime examlpe of a culture of death, hatered, slavery, rape, …. Or the koran, even worse!
    So , religious nuts, please be a bit more critical to your own biggoted and hatefull message.

  10. Im from Belgium and don't believe the lies, we were never asked if we were ok with this or not. THey just implement their laws and lie that it was our opinion! I am against child murder and will always be! The only monster capable of having done this in the past is Herodes and Hitler. Belgium is not compasionate at all! The rich favor the rich and they make the weak poor people suffer and that is why some defend Belgium, because they belong with the evil ones that take advantage of the poor. And Lellobeetle they are right about our kings, if you educate yourself thouroughly you would know he's right. If you want to learn the truth you gotto look on foreign sites and compare the news.. Belgium sites usualy hide the truth. In my opinion the world was better off with his Christian beliefs, all who lose that are EVIL PERIOD! I feel like a zit on Satan's ass. It's hard living in this rotten country if you stilll believe in love, compassion and justice, but never see it.
    And markhoor1981, think about this logically, if people believe the doctor and that doctor gives his opinion that the child is capable of making the descission, the parents will automaticly abide by the doctors descission because they believe they are doing the right thing, because they love their child and do not want it to suffer (eventhough children can stand a lot less pain then adults). So basicly a lot of children who do not know what Euthanasia is will be killed because their parents want it to end (for some reason). Say I'm a bad parent (not for real!), the doctor sais the child agrees (in this case because I made him feel bad about being alive) and I want to kill my child because it costs me too much money.. Euthanasia would be approved because my child does not want to live because of me and because I love my money more then my child.. Do NOT tell me this is being "COMPASSIONATE" you fking hypocrites! Child murder is WRONG!!!
     Thing is that most cases for wich euthansia is being adapted can be cured by the same means that are named "QUACK" medicine and are forbidden by pharmaceutical companies for wich these doctors work… get the picture?

  11. The right to euthanase children in Belgium will kill less children then the 2nd amandment in the USA (and at least the children in Belgium are deadly ill) So I don't think Americans should judge it too much!

  12. I laughed so hard at his attempted sneer at Belgium for Leopold II's cruel governing of Congo. Looks like somebody forgot about the genocide of native americans and this little thing called slavery. The sins of our fathers etc etc

  13. People can choose and think for themselves in Belgium, ohh gosh the horror! Most humans already are used to being controlmled and letting others think for them..But in Belgium there is free will, better sent an army to there America, there's a country with free will!

  14. 75% says euthanasia is ok without the consent and 66% with the consent… Or how to fuck up whilst pulling numbers out of your ass…

    Apperently not thinking the same as this extreme-right-biblelovig-chirstian is by default wrong. It would be more interesting if they would actually defend a point instead of going.. 'i can't believe this….'
    They seem to try to make it sound so terrible that 'this is voted by a 'majority group'. Yes, a majority has approved this bill.. and you don't like it… A majority of liberals, left-wing, non-christians..and support of a democratic right wing nonetheless!

    They only thing this report shows is that this man rather wants a Christian Theocracy for the USA,  then being in the minority group in an open democracy.

    Meanwhile Belgium entered number 9 on the Internation Peace Index (USA nr 101..says at least something).

  15. Oooh americans with their megalomanic feeling of superiority! They don't even bother to think about such ideas because the bible says so. A book that is written by a bunch of guys who wanted to raise a new cult… And they succeeded! Let them think that we are child killers. While we have about the best healthcare in the world. And we don't go to the middle east. We don't make war to kill thousands of innocent casualties, includings children

  16. for who is interested. this law is still not used. it"s not even requested. so it is really a small small small small small small number that will ever be euthanised with this law, and for who's interested it is only for childeren who unbearable physical suffering without the possibility of cure. the children request it and must be old enough to understand it and 2 docters and the parent must give the approval. so this law is only for an extemely small percentage and is still unused, so cultere of death is a bit strange to say ( sorry for mine bad english

  17. We do this here in the United States every single day…….it's called ABORTION …'s also without the child's consent 😂😂😂 you ppl are blind and stupid….oh and shall I say…… Hypocrites 💋

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