Jerusalem Dateline: Mysteries of the Land of Israel – Oct 25, 2013

This week: From the discovery of the “Copper Scroll” to the search for the location of the Ark of the Covenant, Jerusalem Datelines explores some of the mysteries of the land of Israel.



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  2. It is in Ethiopia a group of Priests have it but no one is allowed to see it. As far as we know the Ethiopian Priests are descendants of the three wise men. It is a Church in Ethiopia but one can make contact with the Priests.
    The real Covenant is Jesus the Ark is Mary.

  3. If you intend building it please build it further South . The second Temple was Herod's not Solomons The Dome of the rock was a Roman Fort called Fort Antonio. Leave it alone and stop annoying Muslims. we don't want WW111 .

  4. Israel needs the Bible not mysticism and Idolatry. Eve wanted illumination and we are messed up due to her and Adams disobedience. Jeremiah 7 and Jeremiah 8 . Solomon all these wives and he went of sent back to Egypt for horses. I am a sinner as him l lack trust. The treasure are the Commandments and Jesus warnings. Rituals and no relationship to the God of Abraham is our problem. The Temple will start the end and show us the man of sin. Pray for our enemies.

  5. The Bible says the Arc is in heaven ? So maybe people are mixing up loot and the arc ? Regardless Israel is fabulous and amazing it’s just a bummer that half the Bible lands are in “Palestine” territory so If tourist go and spend money the Palestinians then have more funds to attack Israel > such a shame what’s become is this land. Israel ALL OF IT belongs to the Jews! Not to Arabs renamed Palestinian

  6. It amazes me how far off some people really are from basic understanding of where the temple furniture is located. The prophet Jeremiah and other members of the temple guards, hid these most precious items, centuries before Christ Jesus lived, died, and was resurrected. If you want to find the temple furniture, you simply need to find the exact location of the crucifixion site of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Because that furniture is located in a hidden chamber 20+ feet below the crucifixion site, this is already well known by true believers. Ron Wyatt found them more than 3 decades ago, and there they remain. The only way they are coming up from that chamber, is if the Father allows it, and it will most definitely be followed by a 3rd world war, especially when the blood evidence that is resting with the arc, and the 10 commandments, is rediscovered, and shown to the world. The Jewish authorities know full well this is true, and of its excact location, they already tried once to bring it up from the chamber, by sending in 6 levites dressed in appropriate attire as the priests of the temple describes in the Holy scriptures, and God rest each of those 6 men's soul's, because they never even made it to the right tunnel that led to that chamber, before the Lord struck them all dead. Christ Jesus was and is, a very real person. He walked this earth, and taught the world that living a perfect, sinless life, was possible! He did so that every man would have the opportunity to live life, eternal!!!
    But it's no give me, or easy task, your belief must be real, it must be born out of, and lived through the love and light of Christ Jesus our Lord! You cannot live your life in full sin, and think that you can just throw up a hail Mary at the end of that sin filled life, and you will be saved. It takes strength to become saved, it takes admitting that you are in fact a sinner, and that no matter the good deeds and works you might have done throughout your life, they are all as filthy rags unto the Lord God almighty. An honest heart, a truly humbled and meek approach to the Lord, and a repentance filled prayer where you admit to the Lord, you are nothing without him, is required, follow this by growing in your repentance each and every day, pray often, and ask that you are able to live your life in a way pleasing to the Father, and do absolutely everything in your power, to sin no more, of course we know this is not possible for human beings, but this is what repentance is, if you sin again after being saved, own it, ask again for forgiveness and do everything you can to live your life led with, and by, the Lord and his love for each and every one of us.
    Obey him at all costs, and never forget his most important commandment to us as his faithful children, and servants, to love one another, as he has loved us, do and follow this one commandment, and everything else will fall into place as it should, but nonetheless may his will be done, and never our own!
    May God bless each and every one of you, always and forever!

  7. IMHO, The original 2 Arks were located in the City of Da'vid & not on top of the temple mount, There is no water up there for the High Priest's to wash up before entering the Temple. As the Bible says, the Gihon Spring is at the entrance of the City of Da'vid. This city is on the East side area of the Kidron Valley. The so called WALL was built by the Romans part of their fortress and not the original wall of the City of Da'vid. No one can melt down the gold of the Ark. Look what happened in the desert when two of the men that touched the Ark during the days of Moses (from a Jewish prospective)

  8. What evidence is there that the Temple mount is the historic place of the first two temples? The mountain top or point could not be a thrashing floor or have anything to do with the Holy of Hollies, look to the city of David west of old Jerusalem.

  9. No one looks at the arch of Titus in the Roman forum. there is a sculptured marble panel showing Roman soldiers carrying the menorah on their shoulders. This shows that the menorah was taken out of the temple and brought to Rome. We can extend that to include the arc of the covenant. I think that the arc is in the foundations of the arch below ground. The last high priest of the temple issued a fatwa escomunicating anyone walking under the arch. Ironically the fatwa is still in place as there were no high priests to lift it since the last one issued it. Think of the American soldiers that liberated Rome during the war and marched under the arch in triumph. They were all fatwaed even the American Jewish soldiers unless they had the foresight to step out of the formation. There is an other possibility that the treasure of the temple taken out of Rome is under the river Busentp in the tomb of Alarico,
    He had died after the sack of Rome on the way to south Italy.


  11. No body has found the ark! Ron White said he saw it but couldn’t proved it besides he said it was the mercy seat, anyway
    The arc disappeared long before, king Joshia asked for it but, there’s no recording that they actually brought it, because it is not
    Mention again but in Revelation it John mention it in heaven

  12. The real Temple site would sit among the Tribes at the center of the TAW or X marks the spot, putting three tribes to the North , three to the East, South and West, such that the Temple Mount location is rather King Solomon's ancient Palace Fortress site, being a bearing of direction to the northeast of the Tabernacle. So the Temple Mount or Fort Antonia would be the ancient FORTRESS of SOLOMON, with the Hall of Justice being the Dome of the Rock and the Mosque being sitting over Solomon's Stables. The real Temple was in the City of David , by the Ophel and the Gihon Spring.
    When Abraham came up to the Jebusite City or Jerusalem ,the donkeys came up from Beersheba to the gate of David's city, by the Gihon the only place to set up the very same stable for shelter for travelers, that is the birthplace of Jesus Christ. When Abraham came to the shelter for the donkey, at the gate to David's City, he looked up into the north , to see in the higher mount of ZION the place of the Temple, straightaway ahead, from the Gihon Spring outlet. The so called Temple Mount would then be to the east of that central gate to David's city , and being then to the northeastern direction , the encampment of Judah , the place of Solomon's Palace , would be Fort Antonia or the Temple Mount, or Noble Sanctuary location. The HOLY OF HOLIES had to be in the MIDST OF ISRAEL, at the CENTER X OR TAW, "THE PLACE OF THE CROSS".

  13. What you gonna do when you find it ? For sure you’re going to used it in your own profits hmmm🤭🤔, I think it’s better if they don’t find it because it may cause of fight especially the eager person 😊 as you can see god doesn’t want you guys to find it the treasure.

  14. mahiwaga ang bunga ng kahoy na ((appol))dahil ng ilagay ang mistisong kulay na may ((((anghel))))sa harap at salikod ay may sulat na makikita na itoy nag bago ang sulat nanakita ay pangalan ni((bro,Felix manalo)batang sacristan ng catholic ng siyay bata ng ilagay sa minikcer, na bunga ng ((appol))na katas ay pumula angkulay ng ((appol)) bilog na may ((((((anghel))))) na napulot sa bulacan (phillipine,s) ni kuya,anrad. At ng ikaskas ko ang puting bato ay sumisinag lumiliwanag sa dilim.

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