Global Cooling: Is an Ice Age Coming?

The climate is changing, but it’s not changing the way the climate change crowd predicted it would. Nature has made a mockery of global warming, so who are the real climate deniers?



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  1. It's interesting that most of the majority of people believe that goal warming is real yet
    All the evidence points to the opposite being true.
    Why is this information not being taught in schools.😎🕵😉👍

  2. There has been a rise of 0.5 degrees Centigrade since 1950. If a little ice age comes, it’s predicted to lower the average temperature by 1.5 degrees. Because of the warming, this cooling will be less severe, only a drop of 1.0 degrees.

  3. We should be going into the next glacial period. Indeed it started as shown by the halo of dead lichen around the highlands of Baffin Island where the North American continental glaciers spread out from. This cold slide into the next glaciation was delayed by the plow, letting carbon out of the soil into the atmosphere and the spread of rice cultivation, basically in swamp like conditions that upped the output of Methane (Read Plows Plagues and Petroleum by Ruddiman). However then along came serious outputs of Carbon into the atmosphere and the whole thing was reversed. The Arctic ice is not thickening. In fact where we used to have multi year ice, we now have single year ice. Temperatures in the Arctic are increasing about twice as fast as for the rest of the world. You can only make statements such as the ones in this video if you totally ignore the facts.

  4. What a load of bs! There is a huge difference between weather and climate. Petersen has been discredited several times (I'm Danish). The temperatures ARE rising, not falling. The worst storms have been experienced this last decade not in the 60s… etc.etc.

  5. If the Earth is actually entering an ice age after having been in an inter-glacial warm period, then it makes sense to save some fossil fuel deposits, such as gas, oil, coal and biological fuels such as timber. The environmentalists are disingenuous when they say carbon dioxide is going to cause catastrophic heating of the Earth. New means of producing affordable electricity have to be found so that everyone, even in counties classified as poor, can have the convenience of electric appliances for cooking, heating, lighting, water purification and communication such as access to the Internet and affordable analogue AM/FM radio.
    The Solar wind, not to be confused with atmospheric winds that prevail on the Earth, from interplanetary space could provide an abundant source of DC electricity.

  6. You are either a buffoon or a shill. Either way, your message is criminally irresponsible and flat out wrong. You have cherry picked other climate change deniers while ignoring credible scientists and scientific organizations. This make you much more culpable in the ongoing climate change. It makes me wonder what you children think of you and your propaganda. Unfortunately, at this stage, it doesn't matter if you can read the science or not because it's too late anyway. Thanks in part to misinformation campaigns like this. RIP

  7. Oh no, you found a ice in the arctic, global warming must be a hoax!?
    It's funny I've seen the opposite news, about permafrost melting and ancient glaciers breaking apart into the ocean. Maybe it looks like the ice is expanding because it's breaking off and melting if they're just judging by satellite imagery or trying to spin the information to suit their needs.

    I remember seeing recently that average worldwide temps have jumped up.

    Video claims it's somehow making scientists and climate change people money, but don't you think the oil companies and other big polluters are the ones who are really going to gain and profit from people continuing to consume endlessly? We need a more sustainable way of life. Whether you believe in man made climate change or not, we should be cleaning up our act.

  8. Take no notice of THAT British actor! And the REST OF THE green party loonaticks!.THER way WILL END up killing MOST OF THE HUMAN RACE! IT just shows how pathetic MOST OF THE HUMAN RACE OR BELIEVING! Instead of researching FOR themselves! No THAYD rather believe people like Caroline Lucas WHO KNOWS NOTHING about the climate change! WHY ARE THE BRITISH TAXPAYERS paying Caroline Lucas,s FOR something THAT DUSANT exsist! ENNEY person on the streets CAN SAY WOT she's saying! But THER smarter than Caroline Lucas! Remember AL GORE! The ice is still there AL GORE it's EVEN BIGGER and thicker! According to AL GORE WASN'T supposed to DISAPPEARED ho LET'S SEE NOW twenty OR more years ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂!And the Chinese AND Indian haven't stopped building COAL powdered stations! All THIS is about? IS CONTROLLING EVREY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES!?WAKEY WAKEY SMEL THE COFFEE!.

  9. And now for the truth: Weather is too complex to predict, climate is way too complex to predict. We don't know enough. We can't even accurately model turbulence. Since we can not accurately predict the future state of the climate, we will not be able to measure the effect of any action we take.

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