Do Palestinians Really Want to Live Next to Israel?

For more than two decades, the United States has pushed for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Author Caroline Glick explains why that will never work.



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  1. So much hate in these comments…
    Asking a question like "Do the Palestinians want to live next to Israel?" The country of Palestine belongs to the people of Palestine. The Zionist Jews who think they have a Biblical right to be there are killing, stealing and destroying all that the indigenous people have. Would you want to have people move in and do this to your homeland? I think not…

  2. She's reknown in Europe as a Zionist zealot with a journalist card. Even the title is an usual Zionist narrative. Nobody us stupid enough to believe that bullshit.israel is worldwide reknown as an segregationist and supremacist colonial state that is not interested in peace.

  3. To begin Carolyn Glick is a Phoney, and a Liar. Ingredients for a Zionist of the worst sort. Some of what is in her book….Oct 22, 2014 – I read her book “The Israeli Solution” that has been published recently. Caroline Glick is a right wing Israeli and a strong supporter of Prime Minister Benyamin … Britain even allowed the Zionist leadership to dictate the text of the Declaration, …. In short: Jesus was NOT a "Jew" nor was he "King of the Jews. The 700 club Pat Robinson is a strong supporter of Glick. She recently appeared in an interview with Robertson..

  4. Do Palestinians Really Want to Live Next to Israel?"  Jewish Palestinians want to live in Israel.  So do many Christian Palestinians.  MUSLIM Palestinians want to live six feet above all non-Muslims.  If they ever succeed, the U.S. and Canada will be next to die..

  5. Following the death of the Prophet Muhammad, all Jews and Christians were deported from Arabia.
    The selected destination for Jews was Palestine.
    for Christians it was Iraq.
    Strange that Palestine is now held to be a vital Arab interest and that Jews have no right to be there.

  6. She supports a binational state where the Palestinians become Israeli citizens with the vote and equal rights.But she does not address Jewish crimes against Palestinians such as attacks by the settlers and homes which are wrongly seized leaving the families homeless.

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