Calvary Chapel Vows to Move On in Wake of Scandal

Calvary Chapel Vows to Move On in Wake of Scandal



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  1. Members of Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., are pledging to move forward, following the sudden resignation of their pastor, Bob Coy.

    The Florida church is one of the largest churches in America, with at least 20,000 members in its congregation.

    Coy, who founded the church with his wife nearly 30 years ago, left the pulpit Sunday after admitting to a moral failure.

    Meanwhile, members are trying to cope with loss of their pastor.

  2. What a selfish, egotistical human being. TW0 affairs in one year? Who has the time for it? And then he walks right to the microphone (after maybe having watched some porn on his laptop for inspiration) and tell us how to live. I never ever want to see his face again. I will never believe a word he says. I am never going back there after 14 years and have decided I will save myself the gas money and study by myself. I wish I gave my tithes directly to people who really need it. Not to some church that need fancy buildings and a top restaurant. I forgive him and forever forget about his existence.

  3. It's a shame to see a man who's known Christ for so long not to have gained victory over his lust. That being said, he did the right thing by stepping down. I pray he gets the victory, I know God has already forgiven him.

  4. Why don't you use that warehouse you call Calvery and use it for the 20,000 homeless in ft.Lauderdale. bob coy is like Scott Rodstien they both destroyed ft. Lauderdale. And everyone who protected him got paid well to hid the truth .than light shined on the dark cloud that hangs over Calvery Chapel. Everyone getting bob out of town . bob had the last laugh he was good at making people laugh keeping you confused. Probably living very well on the church's dime.

  5. Even paster clay hit the road he knew alot about Bob Coy. Both are probably using Botox to change there look. Stay away from that church darkness hangs over that warehouse. If we get a Hurricane hopefully it will destroy that whole area demons are still in that warehouse.

  6. The reason my statement might come across judgemental. Because i meet bob when he started back in Oakland Park. There was something about this guy his energy it was about him bis comes first all about how much money's coming in. When you showed up every Wed. You could see this big Money machine growing. They bought property with the donations. Now you see homeless people living in the woods across the street. They need to turn that warehouse in the largest homeless shelter. That would be doing the lords work. Its just a large Entertainment center. I'm sure there will be another one. Just a bad environment. It won't change. Tired of this so called false Pastor's telling everyone's going to hell. $$$$$$$

  7. When you allow the tongue talkers and Word Faith liars into your church you’ve sown the seeds of error, and it will come back on you.
    These groups look just like the world. “Christian Rock”, bars in the church, women preachers, “Living Apostles”, millionaire leaders, linking up with Catholicism. Compared with scripture and they all come up short.

  8. Didn't this happen with Bob before. ? I remember him teaching at Harvest, Riverside in California. Ya know it is huge but he must have a thorn of flesh and teaching from a pulpit is just to much of a weakness with Bob as well as many others , I'm glad everyone is forgiving him and I pray he allows the continuing sanctification of the Lord in his life ..I can't imagine having such a responsibility like leading a church in this day and age. It seems time to go back to the church of acts and be in homes with smaller groups… the bigger the church the bigger the responsibility of it .

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