Reopening the Wells: Legacy of Lake's Healing Rooms

The history of healing in America can be traced to John G. Lake, a leader of the Pentecostal movement. Today, his legacy lives on with the re-opening of his “healing rooms.”



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  1. Don't be deceived. Cal Peirce talks about John Lake but is NOT associated in any way with John G. Lake Ministries. He practices and teaches things that John G. Lake and the Bible do not support.  Cal has merely embraced the outward form of John G. Lake's ministry.  John G. Lake's teaching is carried on by his ministry John G. Lake Ministries, which is still in existence today.  visit to discover the Biblical principles and practices that unleash the power of God with results.  Be blessed

  2.  John G. Lake  came from a false movement where the Kundalini spirit came through.  Matthew 10:8 (Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers,[a] cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay.) is not being done.  They do not allow for casting out of demons.  Jesus did not stutter or suggest. HE said.  New Age soaking prayer is encouraged and practiced.  Furthermore, when they announced there would be early prayer before a conference, it looked like the Sufi cult manifesting the Kundalini demon.  People could be sincere, but sincerely wrong.  The guest speaker and the mc were screaming FIRE FIRE FIRE!  What does a Holy God have to do with this non sense.  

  3. the healing rooms closed the year Lake died ,so the revival died when Lake died ,this always happens when people look to a man ,Lake did not disciple people to continue his ministry

  4. During a visit to the Spokane Healing Rooms several years ago, my left leg was lengthened before my eyes, and i felt it happening as though my leg was wet clay being pulled.
    My daughter's teeth were also completely healed. They had been dark gray (for weeks) due to anorexia, and by the following day after our visit were completely white.
    Thank you Father

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