Israelis Use Technology to Make the Desert Bloom

When many Jews returned to the Promised Land in the 1800s it was dry and barren. But Israelis are finding unique ways to make the desert bloom and prosper.




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  1. they are not going to be rewarded by their god for the simple reason that they starve and kill the Palestinians. How dare they prosper and thrive in an area that belongs to the native people of the east. Israel you should be hiding your faces in shame.

  2. Check out how wasting water and prolonged drought, the Zionist Gov has caused the Sea of Galilee dropping seriously, the Dead Sea the same with continuous sink holes, robbing the Jordon river and turning downstream into a sewer, draining aquifers (their own and neighbors)… blooming desert… blooming idiots.

  3. Great video! I wish you guys would hurry up and fill up the Dead Sea. I visited Israel in 1976 and saw the Dead Sea. And I learned of your plans to raise the level of the water. Now, 41 years later. it's still in the planning stage, but the level is much, much lower. What seems to be the problem? I know you guys are great at solving problems.

  4. And well how about looting the waterways leading to a place called as "palestine" so that you can deprive them of water and make money out of it nobody sees it as a robbery. wow ,and all hail technology , i will wait and see the whole jordan river goes missing and the sea of galilee too.then water wars can just be avoided by sea water treatment plant…..

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