The Watchman: The Brutal Rise of ISIS – June 17, 2014

On this week’s episode of The Watchman, we examine the stunning rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria–also known as ISIS–and its bloody advance in the heart of the Middle East. We also analyze the assault on free speech in America and …



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  1. who is Allah?
    1. Say (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)): "He is Allah, (the) One.
    2. "Allah-us-Samad (The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks).
    3. "He begets not, nor was He begotten;
    4. "And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him."[112:1-4]
    can you define your GOD?

  2. this situation in middle east today, is just because of wrong French-British policy in last decades , i mean "Sykes–Picot Agreement" in 1915, which made an alive wrong border situation between iraq and syria and all of middle east countries.!!

  3. CBN News is  one of those news controlled by zionists  and it moves towards the support of israel, notice how this guy mention an israeli man who describe the ISIS as killers. by the way, it is known that CBN  is controlled by zionists, they also mention that the so called terrorists have blood on their hands, yea like zionists have no blood on their hands, for example, using  US military to invade other countries. wake up people 

  4. Do we have money for more wars? Oil would go up 6 dollars a gallon to finish the economy if he had did what the republican wanted him to do in Syria these people would take over than you would blame the president right

  5. there is no other god but God Himself, and Muhammad was His last and final messenger until the Day of Judgement. 
    Be a muslim before you die, or you will burn in the Fire of Hell forever, and ever, and ever, with no respite.

  6. About this video.  I'm not offended by those that disagree with me because I seek the truth, weather I agree with what others teach me, or not.  I learn from both sides, and decide for myself. 

     I am a leader; not a follower.  I can think for myself. 

    At times, I find my beliefs to be questionable, and I admit I become stubborn about it.  But the more I learn; the more open I am, thus the more knowledge I gain.   

    To others, go on and keep killing each other, in the name of "A particular God" who demands your obedience, and you will find only hate.  The true God is about  LOVE, not hate! 

  7. Listening to your opening statement showed me you are biased with an agenda with strings attached and that I should not go any further watching this program. You shouldn't be allowed to present facts and information to the masses because your rhetoric shows your ill equipped mentally to look at both sides with no pre conceptions and report truthfuly and equally the facts on both sides and let the viewer decide. I know what I'm saying sounds radical to some of you.

  8. Crap. This is not a documentary.
    CBN is a Fox news style propaganda outlet whose style of delivery is suited for the ignorant audiences like neo cons, tea partiers or just plain dumb republicans.

  9. dumb report.  Absolutely no mention of the how Bush's Iraq invasion provided the perfect opportunity for terrorism to flourish.  Now thanks to the ill fated invasion, it has done exactly what the experts predicted back in 2003.  Iraq will fragment and be a hot bed for terrorism.

  10. This guy is an idiot…a war promoter and a puppet to private defense contractors. Using fear as a weapon against Americans in order to meet there agenda…few first minutes of this video and I can already tell he was selling stuff…

  11. So they speak about releasing the captives in Guantanamo…
    The video cuts and he says "when you think that's bad…"
    What the hell?
    Of course don't think it's a bad to release the innocent people US forces hold captured. It is horrible that this torture prison is even sustained for that long.
    Future generations will look on this and wonder. We will be savages for them.

  12. Why is this organization only known as ISIS in the popular media?
    The Egyptian Goddess Isis has nothing at all to do with I.S.I.L
    Why is it that the name of Isis, the Goddess, is used as the name of I.S.I.L?

  13. No.  Allah is Baal.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is Jehovah and the God of Christ.  There is a God of Christ and He sent Jesus to be our savior.  Because the world was unspiritual and could not perceive God in their present condition, their nature was totally contrary to God.  Jesus came in the likeness of sinful flesh but people looked at him as God but in fact he is the Son of God, the Son of Jehovah.  There is someone greater than Jesus and the God of Christ is greater than Allah or Baal.  Jesus is also greater than Baal.  Under Islam, you want to point fingers at America for how sinful they are and I agree with you.  They are but who are you?  Are their sins greater than your own?  The difference between Jesus and Allah is that Jesus took the cross for a harlot people to save them from their sins.  Jesus sets us free from the law of sin and death which Islam binges on the executing.  

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