What an Islamic Caliphate Would Mean for the West

What an Islamic Caliphate Would Mean for the West



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  1. I'm Greek and Greece was occupied for 400 years from Othomans and we very well know what muslim occupation means.Muslims Othomans would not allowed us having education the Greek people had to choose  between keeping their Christian religion or their language that way the Othomans were trying to tern Cristians Greeks into Muslims Othomans.Not to mention the economicoppression (not allowing having properties etc)So it is a  huge lie to say that minorities in Othoman Empire they were living well, on the contrary they went through hell that's why they fought for their freedom.

  2. If we seeing this with abrahamic religion historical perspective.
    This war is between Zionist or so-called illuminati vs Muslim.. As we know Zionist or a lot of jews are the one whom not obey god and denied the messages by God's messenger even after seeing the miracles, so they are the enemy of god and if we see definition of Muslim, Muslims are the one who submit their Will to God, Obey their god and accepted the message by God's messenger. So the Jews which who submit their will to god,obey god at the time of moses they are Muslims too.Christians are not included in this war because even if Christianity claimed their religion is from Abraham too, their concept of God is different from Abraham's belief. If they joined in this war, might be they just a pawn for the Zionist to defeat muslim. While according to muslim belief, christianity is a religion which is corrupted by rome so they just want to correcting christian faith and they will ask Christian to work together and beat zionist. So of course Islam will win if it's true, Muslim have god on their side.

  3. Praise be to ALLAH, the One and Only One, to Him alone we worship, and to Him is our FinaL Return. Praise be to ALLAH, who promised us the return of the Khilafa, and all the  praises and tributes to ALLAH, the Exalted, the owner of Favours and Blessings 

  4. Notice to:  Jews-Muslims-Christians  ~    Please ease up on your God-related behavior.  There's really nothing there, after all.  Perhaps you could find a less destructive pastime.    thank you

  5. More and more people, even Muslims, agree upon the Daesh beeing the bad guys. The ONLY good guys with boots on the ground seems to be the Kurds. So, it seems wisest to throw all our support behind them.

  6. Yes its coming. It will not be called 'islamic', unless the first target of it is eliminating 'ISIS' or any sort of aggression or tyranny towards the defenceless. of course it will undermine the 'white supremacists', western foreign interests, dictatorships, zionists(but: respect the integrity of judaism and its followers with absolute religious freedom) & it will not consult the west on how it should operate… etc

    It is a threat to the aggressors. it is safe to the Righteous.

  7. 2331aslam. Many thousands of Jews were killed living under the caliphate in Ishmael's lands. They weren't protected but lived in dhimmitude status as third class citizens, and had to pay Jisya tax. Beatings, killings, and fabricated stories against Jewish people, led to untold thousands of deaths of Jews, at the hands of oppressive, brutal followers of islam. Now the tables have turned and the nation of Israel has returned. Baruch Ha Shem Adonai who is the only God, and King of the Jews.

  8. A Caliphate to the West would mean no more Petro-dollar/Genocidal wars of aggression. The destruction of the Satanic NWO banking system, and the liberation of the West/World from Zionist control.

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