Jerusalem Dateline: Escalation In The Holy Land – July 11, 2014

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: As Hamas launch scores of rockets deep into the heart of Israel, the military is responding. Government adviser Dore Gold explains why Israel does what it does to protect its people. And we’ll take you to “Rocket …



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  1. I don’t understand why Israel does not just eliminate these cowardly murderers who attack and then run and hide behind woman and children for cover like scared little girls hiding behind their mother’s skirts.  When Japan attacked America killing thousands, and after many battles and negotiations, the town of Hiroshima was eventually eliminated which ended the war with Japan within a few days.  Israel is concerned about the citizens of Gaza including their mosques that the Islamic terrorists use for cover, but they need to turn this around and completely eliminate hamas and its breeding, recruitment and training ground altogether.  Yes, as in Japan after they continued a war that they started with America, many civilians were bombed and there was a tragic ending, but it did indeed put an end to the constant battles, bombing and killing.  The citizens of Israel should not have to endure this kind of consistent harassment.  And to simply send the same amount of bombs back to hamas as they are sending to Israel will only cause this to continue.  Israel has the support of its allies and certainly the products available to them to accomplish an end to all this if they will only decide to do it.

  2. This conflict did start in 2001 but the present operation צוק איתן started when Hamas kidnapped and murdered in cold blood, three Israeli school children.  Even during their funerals, Hamas fired missiles.  The revenge killing of the Palestinian youth was disgraceful and condemned outright by all sane and intelligent Israelis.
    Terrible to say, but the revenge killing and the subsequent beating of an American Palestinian youth, were secondary, but were part of the spark that set off this present and/or continuing conflict.
    To reiterate:  Hamas kidnap and murder; firing missiles before the revenge killing and beating was the match to the spark.  
    We hold Hamas responsible for continuing for years to fire missiles into Israel and not one caring and intelligent leader of any country would tolerate, not one, not one missile to be fired on its country from any side or border. 

  3. Hamas is doing this to make the Israelis look bad, but this extremely ignorant publicity is backfiring!  Now even if I do feel for the Palestinians, I have disgust for the violence.You guys use extremely poor judgement. Stop the violence now!

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