'Allah Curse Them!' Gazans' Harsh Words for Hamas

‘Allah Curse Them!’ Gazans’ Harsh Words for Hamas



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  1. I dont know what your mission is with this report and who you use to translate from arabic, but she never says "May Allah curse them" or anything even close to that. I dont even hear here say Hamas, and she ends by blaming the arab countries. Where is your professional integrity, you shoud be ashamed of yourself …
     You should put up the interview without the translation so people can judge for themselfes, but Im sure you are not interested in that..

  2. The translation from Arabic to English is different and telling wrong . They means Abas Government and the translator telling Hamas! I'm Arabic and I understand everything. You couldn't laugh at us.
    By the way, This video is made by Israel and it's cooking by Israel terrorist.

  3. What is sad, this will never be aired on mainstream media. I lived in Israel ten years ago spending time with family in Ashdod for a year and you will find that most Palestinians and most Israelis want to live and peace and live in security. I have to say these Gazans are brave to speak out against Hamas, for Hamas, the people are your worse nightmare. Gaza is a living hell and just think. Far leftists in the West back Hamas and back the people making the lives of Gazans, a living hell. 

  4. I don't think that it is too far of a reach to say that not all Palestinians support Hamas. Not everyone in Israel agree with the Israeli assault on Hamas, you won't find universal support of Hamas among Palestinians. One telling difference is that in Israel folks were allowed to protest the war. I'm sure that Hamas would never allow such a thing among Palestinians.

  5. this is shameful, unprofessional and inappropriate way to make interviews or news reports..
    you are deceiving your audience who don't speak or know Arabic by this video's title or even worse with your incorrect interpretation of your interviewee's answers and words ..

    and in regard of protecting anyone who may get mislead by this video i'm going to reporting your video and i'll tweet about it so that everyone else could know what type of media you are presenting Biezn Allah..

  6. LOL what? what kind of bogus reporting is this. She was clearly refering to the Palestinian Authority, which is not HAMAS. The P.A are doing jack shit for Gaza, which explains her sentiment towards them. This is very unprofessional and you should be ashamed

  7. I love seeing the Palestinians walking freely around Gaza with Polo Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent clothing, running restaurants, smoking cigarettes, and going about their lives like normal, while propagandists are claiming they live in an "open-air prison" and are being treated like the Nazis treated the Jews.

    A perfect comparison!  Just like Auschwitz!

  8. #Obama , the Black Zionist President of #USA , you must be fair!! The siege on #Gaza must be ended now not later, as you are saying unjustly!! Also, USA you must control the Zionist #CNN TV that represents you!! #Israel has no right to have any condition for ending its occupation to the 1967 Palestinian lands!! Israel, you must end your occupation to have the security and peace!! Your dirty war crimes, done since 1948 until now, will be forgotten by us with our deep sadness, as the only price encouraging you to come for the peace!!

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