Gaza Bishop: Hamas Used Church to Fire Rockets

Gaza Bishop: Hamas Used Church to Fire Rockets



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  1. Hamas take power by force and since that had keep control imposing they Islamic and Ideology of hate and racism. Billion of dollars given by country like Qatar had been use to kill and attack Israel and support terrorism in many place. They had eliminate by force internal opposition and game the mind especially of the young with they media and pushing doctrine.

  2. This bishop is a hypocrite. One time he cheer for Hamas, and one time he condemns it. He said Hamas is the real authority in Gaza and everybody have to obey them or there will be consequences, even though he's now living in Gaza and he condemned Hamas on TV. This Bishop is not Palestinian, that's why he keeps making religious problems in Palestine.

  3. Wow this video has it all. Inside information that Hamas uses civilian populated places as missile launching sites (info given from a religious leader in gaza, i might add) and also evidence that Israel does in fact warns civilians about an area they will be attacking.

  4. hamas are the ELECTED RULERS of gaza and this army can use anything they want to defend there people
    BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD and definately all the avengers movies in cinema, make them lose hundred million for attacking penelope cruz the ONLY brave actress  celebrity who spoke against the gaza genocide, tell others this message, use facebook and twitter .

  5. Não sou á favor de guerras e ponto final.Não me importa o motivo de tais coisas…os líderes dessas guerras nunca são contados entre os mortos e os feridos…nunca se preocupam realmente com o sofrimento do povo,pois se assim fosse pensariam muitas vezes antes de declarar uma guerra…seria ótimo se no final de cada uma delas os líderes fossem tirados e obrigados a praticarem o Harakiri, assim como todos os seus familiares. aí sim estaria provado que esses líderes tinham verdadeira  boa intenção para com o seu povo.Pois é fácil declarar guerra quando a vida dos outros é que são sacrificados…

  6. any muslims out there want to discuss where the worldwide muslim outcry is over ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Quieda, Taliban and of course Hamas… i have no sympathy for you, your false prophet and the demon you call allah. 

  7. Christians love their enemies that is true.Hence,christian have a history of supporting terrorists who want to destroy them and hate countries like Israe,India,China who don't want to hurt your country and people

  8. The relation between Muslims and Christians and even original Arab Jews in countries like Palestine, Jordan and Syria was and still great. We have been living there for centuries and love each other. When Jews came to Palestine last century, most of Christians fled their cities to US and South America. Their percentage in the society dropped from 3% to 1.25% in Palestine. Does this give you any indicator!

  9. CBN News is nothing more than a shitty new conservative radical christian channel. The same bishop talked on an independent arab channel (talked in arabic without untrustworthy translator), and he accused israel of targeting the church without any reason and denied israeli claims about rockets being launched from a place close to the church, he added it is technically not possible to launch the premitive palestinian rockets from the church that is in the center of Gaza city, too far from the borders. 

  10. The bishop was signing at bullets on the wall and the liars are mistranslating. Any body can make a report even in English saying anything he wants to show. Faking is easy. But they can't fake destroyed communities or killed children.

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