ISIS Message to the US? 'We Are In Your State, Cities'

ISIS Message to the US? ‘We Are In Your State, Cities’



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  1. When there is no truth behind an ideology then you have to use violence to establish and propagate it. This is what Mohammad did and his followers are doing the same!

    Most of the claims of Islam are found to be false. That is why Muslims get agitated and some become violent when you ask them questions about their faith, Quran and Mohammad. Apostate killings laws needed to be introduced since Mohammad and early Muslims knew that when people investigate Islam they would reject it. This is the same reason Muslims countries do not have freedom of speech and do not allow the the truth of the gospel of Jesus.

    Islamic Claim number 1:
    "Quran is word-to-word identical even to a small letter or dot for 1400 years"
    Fact: Quran was canonized  only less than 100 years ago (in 1924) and this Quran has many differences from the available ancient Quranic manuscripts.
    Few Examples:
    A) Topkapi Manuscript (Topkapi museum, Istanbul, Turkey, from mid-8th CE) has 2270 manuscript variants from today's Quran!
    B) Ten of the earliest Quranic manuscripts shows intentional changes, tapings, patches, insertions, erasing with overwriting (100s), intentional coverings and over written (over 800), and even multiple changes in one page.

    These difference are in addition to the known differences from different Qurans that was in existence in early Islamic times.
    -Obay’s Quran contained 116 chapters, Ibn Masood's had only 111 chapters while present Quran has 114 chapters!
    -At least 2 chapters of Quran were missing (Sahih Muslim 2286)
    -Muhammad’s wife Aisha said that roughly two-thirds of Surah 33 was lost (Abu Ubaid, Kitab Fada’il-al-Qur’an) and verses of stoning and breast feeding an adult 10 times (eaten by a sheep) are missing  (Sunan ibn Majah 1944)

    Islamic Claim number 2:
    "We follow all the Prophets"
    Fact: Muslims do not follow the prophets of God since they do not have the message of the Prophets and Islamic teachings contradict the Prophets of God. Muslims only follow Mohammad as their prophet. Whatever Mohammad told them as revelations became the Quran and whatever Mohammad taught and did became Islamic pattern. Therefore, Muslims are following only Mohammad not the Prophets of God.
    Few Examples:
    Prophets of God spoke against Sacred Stones (Lev 26:1) while Muslims keep the Black Stone at the Kaaba and kiss it.
    No prophets of God bowed towards the pagan Kaaba in prayer nor circled around it as the pagans did while Muslims still does it following Mohammad and not following the prophets of God.

    Read the New Testament and follow the Lord Jesus who died for your sins.

  2. Yeah, you may be in our cities, but you haven't yet realized that for every one of us you kill, you piss off another thousand of us who are ready to stand tall against you. And every young man and woman that you infuriate enough to join the US Armed Forces goes in and learns how to wage war against you using the latest technology and greatest war machines every created by man. Pray all you want. Bomb us all you want. But in the end you will find only a nasty death by one of the many enemies you continually create. If your allah asshole thought there were any people on this planet that needed to be dead then he could easily do it himself. So common sense should tell you that your way of thinking is barbaric and just plain stupid.

  3. Japan attacked us once. . .  they feared that they had awoken a sleeping Giant, and they were wrong. They awakened an ancient Demon that destroys. ISIS is like Pandora playing with a box and having no idea what lies waiting inside. If ISIS attacks the United States, millions of people in Arab countries will in turn be killed. It would be wise for ISIS to leave well enough alone. We are already growing very tired of seeing Christians killed for their faith. Once we have had enough… ISIS will be cut out like the cancer that it is.

  4. And are we supposed to be afraid? Isaiah 21:10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
    I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. I hate to break it to them. But I've read the end of the story. God wins. Not Christian, not Jewish, not Catholics, and not Muslim. I belong to no religion. I belong to Jesus. It is with him that I have a personal relationship with him.

  5. First you have to except your cultural suicide like Europe. Second willfully allow yourself to be disarmed an voila NWO caliphate. It's not to early to turn a watchful eye to the low hanging fruit that should be culled first.

  6. Hey ISIS. What is the difference between, "Alexander The Great", and "Ivan the terrible"?
    Oh! While we are at it, Why did the "Ottoman Empire" last about six hundred years?
    Do you have a glue? Your actions say not.
    Let me give you a hint. Both embraced the culture of the people they brought into their empire.
    Ivan became known as "Terrible" because, well, He acted like you do now. Along with Hitler, Their rule did not last long.
    Just sayin.

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