Tortured in Ukraine: Christians Living a Nightmare

On top of living in a dangerous war zone, Christians in Ukraine are also facing persecution from pro-Russian separatists who have already captured, tortured, and killed some top church leaders.



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  1. This is such lies! !!!!!! My wife is the sister of of the brothers and the rebels are NOT the ones that kidnapped these men it was the Ukrainian task force that did vit…. they advised these men of helping the rebels. Wow WOW the propaganda luring zionist pigs

  2. CBN are you sure you have your facts straight? …..This doesn't sound like the work of separatists at all it sounds more like the work of the nazi volunteers from Right Sector. The separatists have about as much to gain from this as shooting down an airliner.

  3. It is very sad that the rebels be fighting against Protestantism, because Protestants have cultivated a very close relationship with G-d who has helped them perfect their ethic values and become the most prosperous and socially advanced countries in the world.

  4. CBN is an anti Russian pro Zionist Christian news channel they still think Gog and Magog are Russian when they are in Turkey. Many Christian Zionists still hate Russia and are totally deceived about it. They hate the idea of socialism or communism yet Christ was more of a socialist if he was at all political the first church was communist people sold all they had and laid it at the Apostles feet, they had all things in common. It sure was not Marxist communism that form of Communism was Zionist and the Bolsheviks killed 50 million Christians because Zionists hate Christians and still do at the same time some Jews infiltrated the Ottoman Empire started the Young Turks and killed 1.5 million Armenian Christian people the Zionists are the real problem in Ukraine today, America has taken over and America is run by Zionists.

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