How a Pakistani Muslim Became a Zionist

A Pakistani Muslim born, raised and living in Great Britain, describes his personal journey from blatant anti-Semitism to a pro-Israel Zionist.



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  1. He smashed it. He really smashed it. Virtually every point he made sounded genuine and he explained the typical muslim narrative on point. He talked honestly about actual serious DOUBLE standard with Muslims. He talked about the strong VICTIM mentality that Muslims have but behind everyone's backs they persecute non-arabs in Saudi arabia… and what to speak of the non-muslims all over the middle east. oh AND WOMEN TOO. He smashed it.

  2. You are great man. The other moslems are hating the success of Israel country because ones of the middle east country where success with their own development and projects. The main problem is JEALOUS.

  3. how can you have peace when the zionists are killing, and stealing the land bit by bit, and forcing the palestinians into a prison like camp called gaza? this guy talks rubbish, the zionists do run the world but ultimately it is better if the arab world gave the whole land to the jews and help settle the palestinians else where, I do not see any other solution to this.

  4. Rasta Mon , I am becoming isreali Zionist. Thiers a religion where a bunch of guys with beards write it .sort of like Santa Claus. If you join them they give you some other person's land. You get alot of benefits , from other countries.
    Oh yeah we get to treat the original inhabitants like they came to run us off the land .but actually……… Kashmir is on fire ,this guy is confusing. It's not a religious problem it's a Human rights problem.

  5. If all the peoples support israel
    Then i am.the only one who will against these peoples.
    These were enemy of muslims they are and they will be enemy of muslim.
    If Arab wants friendship with them so do it..
    I am not the follower of soudi arabia.
    I am the follower of Muhammad saw.. Abubakar umer usman ali.and all the sahaba…

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