A People Without Friends: 'Time to Back the Kurds'

Author Stephen Mansfield has a message for the U.S.: “ISIS will fall. Kurdistan will rise… When all of this occurs, the U.S. will want to have backed it’s most ardent though abused friend in the region.”



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  1. The Iraqi president didn't want American troop in his country so he is Anti-American , Would the US allow the French military to run operations on their territory ? , No better question would the people of the US to run operations in US cities ? , That doesn't mean the people of the US are Anti-American it is just when military get involved things get complicated and even more violent .

  2. Yes, it's time the Kurds had their own independent homeland. Now is a good time to give them their autonomous area in Iraq, as their own. Plus at least the parts of Syria that they currently occupy.
    Greetings from Australia.

  3. My opinion is that Israel and United States should help Kurds. Kurds are the only realy secular people in middle east and only real friend of American and other western countries. Frankly kurds are the only people fighting isis but some countries in middle east which i dont want to name here support isis unfortunately.

  4. how come you Americans don't help the indegenous Christians who were displaced when Israel was created, who been living under the tyranny of islam, and are the victims of the largest genocide since world War 2, instead you worry about the kurds instead of helping your Christian brothers who are descendants of the first Christians. but evangelicals don't see them that way,they think they are arabs and Muslims at heart, when evengalical are not true Christians using God as a real estate agent and are acting out the Bible to speed up the return of Christ

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