Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank talks Faith, Future with CBN NEWS

Tommy, the Green Ranger from the children’s television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, talks with CBN News Reporter Efrem Graham about the painful lost of his brother, finding God in tragedy, and his new kicking exploits including: an upcoming movie, a new line of MMA fight gear and his successful web/television series — My Morphin Life.



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  1. Thank you for this awesome interview. Please consider interviewing some of the other Rangers, several of them are Christians and are unashamed of their faith!

    Check out Nakia Burrise, she played Tanya, the third Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers Zeo & Turbo. Also look into interviewing Catherine Sutherland, she was the second Pink Ranger in Mighty Morphin, Zeo & Turbo and she played Kat. Both of them are very strong and very outspoken Christians. Also look into interviewing David Yost about his life. He's a gay man who had a very tough walk dealing with his homosexuality and his faith. I don't know if he is still a Christian or not, but I believe he does still believe in God. So he'd be an interesting man to interview. I believe Walter Jones, the original Black Ranger, is also a Christian, and so too may be Karen Ashley, the second Yellow Ranger! Please look into doing more follow-ups to this segment!

    This kind of thing really appeals to young people like myself. I was in third grade when Power Rangers came out and it had a big impact on me. I'm still a fan on the eve of my 30th birthday! I'm a Millennial myself (just barely) and I really hope you can find more people like Jason David Frank to interview. As it is a great outreach to people from my generation and younger Millennials today. 

  2. While I admire Jason for talking about his faith in Christ, churches really need to drop the gimmicks that they have been doing to try and bring in those who do not know Christ.  When we have to do such things, gimmicks, etc to bring others into the church, are we also in the same breath denying the power of God and His power to draw those to Himself without our intervention or our gimmicks?  One does not give over his life to Christ because of a gimmick, but one gives over his life to Christ because of the power of God and how He drew that person to Himself.  Also, in regards to "Jesus Didnt Tap" – really….really?  While I do understand the motivation behind the name and the line of clothing etc, how about we just preach the Gospel of Christ and allow God to draw those whom He will to Himself so that those people might be saved through Him and not through anything we have done or said.  Also, in regards to "Jesus could of tapped at anytime" – um, no.  Christ knew His purpose, He knew that He was on the earth for a reason and that reason was so that I and many others may take on His nature, His righteousness, His holiness, being covered with His blood, His salvation, through His death, burial and resurrection.  While the clothing line may create conversation with those who do not know Him, instead of gimmicks, etc, we need to preach Christ

  3. "A brief stint as the White Ranger" Nope Tommy was White longer than he was Green but most of his popularity came from when he was the Green Ranger, so it should be the opposite.

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