Jerusalem Dateline: Battle for the Temple Mount – October 31, 2014

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Palestinian extremists battle Israeli security forces in Jerusalem over the Temple Mount; plus The Miracle of the Kurds — friends of Israel and the U.S. fighting ISIS; And protecting persecuted Christians and …



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  1. My Heart !!
     by Sami, the bedouin.
    My heart is aching, and even bleeds,
    Of a “chosen” people, and their greeds.
    In the name of the bible, they do evil deeds,
    of killing and shilling, an’ burning the fields.
    Why in the Satan? Do I have to pay?
    for the nazi crimes in the zionist way?
    What shall God tell me, what shall He say?
    When we meet finally, at the end of the day.
    Did He promise? Did he choose?
    If it was so, He will loose,
    Along with his people, on His “promised” land.
    That’s it is finally, MY homeland !!

  2. The One true G-d gave the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel
    Long before mohammed took
    any rides on his old donkey
    and that donkey was "supposed" to
    ride to the Al aqsa means
    "farthest North" mosque except it wasn't
    built until 92 years after mohammed died

  3. Just get it over with and tear down the ugly mosque. It's not even a mosque. It's some kind of muslim shrine.  Build the Temple. The land, the city, the mount all belong to the Jews.  I am not a Jew.  Build it!  Let the muslims come…let their bloodthirsty moon god allah come….what do the chosen people of G-D have to fear? Nothing!  Build it!   I'm a Christian.  Build the Temple. 😀      I'm an American. Obama is a muslim.  That's why he sends idiot Kerry out there to make things worse for Israel. May G-D give the enemies of Israel what they deserve.

  4. There are no such thing as moderate muslims, they the muslims wear two faces one behind close doors and one to the public. Remember Mohamd said lie to the enemy if need be. Look up robert spencer, Pamela geller get informed educate yourselves, join the fight in the west to stop the sharia and Muslim's from over taking our culture and countries.Stop Islaminization of the west, be aware stand up for the western world as Muslims hijack everything the temple mount, land and countries.

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