The Fourth Branch: 'Shadow' Gov't Running the US?

Some say the federal bureaucratic state has become so huge that it’s now a de facto fourth, and perhaps the most powerful, branch of government.



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  1. That's how the Nazis did it. They didn't disband the existing bureaucracies but instead built up new shadow agencies under Hitler's control. These new agencies duplicated certain existing agencies and also overlapped with others, rather like the way the IRS now overlaps with HHS regarding health insurance under Obamacare. Having duplicate and overlapping agencies caused a lot of confusion and fear on the part of the people only the most politically connected and astute could tell which bureau they should obey over a given matter based on prevailing political winds in Berlin: following the wrong directives could result in dire punishment from the one currently in favor.

    So, most people turned a blind eye to what government was doing, ducked their heads and hoped to go unnoticed by the machine. We all know how well that worked out. 

  2. Propaganda , to try and remove our power to prosecute them. The SES was created by The cabal and Carter signed it in . These people are the beurocrats that went around the system. NOTHING was wrong with the 4th branch. The SES is the problem. They ( the cabal) want us to get rid of the 4th branch because it would be easier for them. Secret shadow government non elected officials must be removed NOT the 4th branch.

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