Brave German Woman's Stand Comes with Hefty Price

U.S. Christians are sometimes insulated from the high cost many believers around the world must pay for their faith. Heidi Mund, the woman known as the “brave German,” is now experiencing this firsthand.



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  1. The reason why she is monitored is because she is close to HOGESA, extremist right violent hooligans. Even the evangelical fundamentalist pastors find her too extreme. She has held speeches almost exactly as Hitler in 1929 just replacing "Jew" with "Muslim". There are many good Christians in Germany, but Heidi Mund is a self-loving person with absurd and frightening ambitions…

  2. ALL the people in power in Germany, from Merkel down, are TRAITORS not only to their nation, but to Western civilisation! The Media and other official bodies who collude in this TREASON are ALSO GUILTY to the SAME degree. If we come through this – if we survive – these people WILL find themselves ACCOUNTABLE. They WILL be punished SEVERELY for what they have done. "We didn't know!" will NOT be an acceptable excuse!

  3. Heidi keep you chin up you are an inspiration to millions. The islamists and communists are a protected species, Things are about to change and their protection will be lifted from them and then we will see the feeble cowards they really are .Niamyah , don't be afraid fight.

  4. I am proud of you Sister. Unfortunately Western are fooled by Muslim claims that Islam is a religion of peace. If Islam is a peaceful religion why this lady is being threatened. I lived in the Middle East for over 20 years and i know that Islam has never been a religion of peace. Whoever has brain and eyes can see the persecution of people of other religions in Muslim Majority countries

  5. same thing the gd communists do in America for us having the never to not want 88 million mestizos come here and turn us into pagan Guatamala. we are all Knotzis, too, I guess.

    If I could, I'd invite this family to Tennessee, but I know they don't want their land to go under. How horribly sad and treacherous.

  6. Supremely love what you are doing/accomplishing in the name of Jesus Christ. You may even get elected, hopefully, to replace that Germany/German hating/destroying Merkel. In America, we hate her for her treasonous governance and betrayal of beloved Germany. Why are there not hundreds of Germans protesting like you or they virtue-signaled into accepting the Islamization of Germany, orchestrated and continuously monitored by your Jewish supressors who are conspiring to scare your German Jews to flee to Israel so they can maintain a racial majority in their Middle East conquests. Luv you & keep up the excellent heroic mission you are on. Also, God keep you safe!!!

  7. Sheis not german Christian, she is a sayanim, making her job, she wants German Christian And german muslism fight againtst betwin us. This is the project of sioniste, to destroy europe, like It's write in talmud. And lot of people says we are Christians in germany, but It's Jude sioniste want realised their prophecy. Becarefall german peaple. And All the peaple of europe.

  8. Amazing woman….I am awestruck…God protect and bless her greatly as well as her family. Jesus said, If i be lifted up I will draw all men unto me! May all our nations return to Jesus lordship…GOD BLESS

  9. All the corrupt fake news media has is Logical Fallacies that are promoted as FACTS, and a favorite Logical Fallacy of these fake journalists is: Ad Hominem Attack ==> You attack your opponent's character or person traits in an attempt to undermine the substance of their argument . . . How utterly pathetic.

  10. For the blind, brainwashed, cowardly crazies:NOW DO YOU SEE HOW THIS GARBAGE WORKS??!! All you've got to do is open your mouth and speak the truth… ANYTHING that the (so – called – government, and the so- called – news media) doesn't agree with… you're targeted!!! They even talked bad about JESUS!!! But when the name calling wanes, you'll have your country back… WITHOUT THEM and their primitive, barbaric mindset!!!!

  11. I am so happy for Heidi, she did as the Lord instructed her to, and now a real curse on Germany is broken! The enemies of Germany are becoming friends and allies but also; spiritual lines are being drawn out out very clear, as to who is on Gods side, and on Lucifers side. Heidi is a true spiritual warrior; times will be getting very tough for Heidi and her loved ones, she needs much prayer! Perhaps the next Sophie Scholl. If i was there in Germany, i would help her and stand with her! HEIDI MUND NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS, THE HIGH FORCES OF HELL ARE AGAINST HER BECAUSE SHE BROKE THEIR CURSE. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  12. I don't get how Evangelicals don't support her…..or how her own German people are so blind and not see how they are being overtaken by Islamists??
    You are a brave Christian woman!!!
    May God bless you and provide all your needs and keep you going!

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