Sen. Ted Cruz: 'God Isn't Done with America Yet'

In the crowded field of likely Republican presidential candidates, one name jumped to the front of the pack this week: Sen. Ted Cruz, and he has a message concerning America.



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  1. I am also a Christian. My faith does NOT give me the right in this great country to discriminate against anyone if I am open to business to the general public. I can not pick and chose who I want as a customer. Imagine living in Detroit as a white person and not having a car. The Islamic storeowner refuses to sell me food for Easter dinner. (it violates his deeply held religious beliefs) I would go hungry or spend a fortune in bus fare trying to find someone to sell food to me for Easter. Is this the world you want to live in? If so, go live in a single religion country such as Saudi Arabia. As a T-shirt shop owner I understand that the law cuts both ways. I would have to make T-shirts for the Westbro Baptist Church that reads “God Hates Fags” I would gladly do it, and use those profits to do something for the greater good of mankind. This country needs to focus on helping each other, not tearing each apart. I will pray for you

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