Will the Biblical Antichrist Be a Muslim?

Author Joel Richardson argues pursuasively that the Antichrist, his empire, and his religion will come from the Middle East and not Europe as has been widely taught by many modern prophecy teachers.



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  1. and Jesus is not going to save you from wrath of God, your deeds will. He will guide you and tell you whats right and wrong. God will either throw you in Hell or send you to heaven on Judgement day based on what you did on earth.

    It’s not a free pass to Heaven talking about Messiah, they are just signs that Judgment day is coming near and we have less time to repent

  2. Dude, look into ad dajjal.. Study and Remember THAT NAME.. Because in this end times that we're in right now, his name will be rarely spoken off.. Not necessarily he is a cyclop..jus some sturdy CURLY HAIR man. Yes I did say man. I'm not making this whole frankenstein up nor its a freakin daydreaming fairytale sort, but to the fact he was MENTIONED. He's defo on yer freakin dollar bills, most company and media logos and even celebrities taking a pose like a symbol of him (by covering their right eye)..oh and he is human.
    Jesus(pbuh) will come.. Yes, because he's livehood and task is not done yet.. He will came back, for a purpose, by God's permission.. Focus all your attention to Damascus in Syria.. Because that is where he will desend.. Another focal point is the gates of ludd, seek it google it, because that's the spot whereby the real antichrist, this Dajjal will be slayed by Jesus himself and the mahdi that you all be talking about, he will be there too alongside Jesus(pbuh) to witness it ..
    When this event is done, (that means when the antichrist is dead) then, what you English speaking people called armagedon (I know its originally in freakin Greek) will occur.. It will occur like the broken string of pearl beads.. One after the other.. A chain-liked series of events will carried out till D Day.. And the only place left in this world where we all can gather (not for long) is just in Yemen..the honest truth, there is no happy endings to this.. No where to run, that is why this world is just temporarily. Jus read and pray..

  3. Antichrist will be a Jews and start his journey from Israel. Mehadi will a Muslim and a blood relative of prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and antichrist will be killed by jesus (pbuh) who comes from haven in his second coming.

  4. Haha!! Perfectly put!! He just based his book on lies, Jesus(peace be upon him) is the Messiah for muslims!! And mahdi is a normal good man chosen to lead people.
    And anti semitism he said, we call jews and chriatians brothers and find them as brothers!! But it has always been them who say muslims are enemies!! Sad. And disappointed

  5. Prophet Mohammad pbuh as Jesus spoke of as the Unlettered Counselor warned us of what the Anti-Christ/Dajjal will look like. He will be BLIND IN ONE EYE… It will look like a blistered grape similar to LUCEIN GREAVES… Eye… He will also have the word كافر meaning DISBELIEVER in God/Allah as BOTH ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS SAY… This man IS WAY OFF unfortunately!

  6. In Islam the anti christ is Dajjal who will come and pretend to be Jesus with similar powers and will try and gain followers by saying if they don't follow they'll go to hell and if they follow then they go to heaven (which is actually hell) then Jesus will come and destroy him at the gate of lud. Don't worry though, I will kill Jesus before he does.

  7. This guy doesn't even know what he's talking about. As Muslims we believe in both the Mahdi and the anti christ and there is a BIG difference between them. My device for all people if you want to learn about Islam study it from authorized Islamic scholars.

  8. oh these people will make up any story for attention and to create islamophobia. bruh Mahdi is not gonna be our messiah, ISA IBN MARIYAM/ Jesus Christ(pbuh) will be our messiah when he comes back. 99.99 percent of muslims believe jesus will come back and kill the anti christ. The anti-christ who will do miracles and claim to be God and christ. And Mahdi is simply put, the guided one. Meaning he will warn us and all the believers and tell us not to fall for the Anti christ's deception and worship him. You guys can spread hate and misinformation all you want. But in the end, when the truth comes to you and you reject it just because you don't like it. You will not decieve any one but yourself.

  9. Fake news! if people want to know the true teachings of Islam, read a book (can be found PDF form as well online) called "Have you Discovered it's Real Beauty?" So much falsehood said about Islam in the media. if you really study Islam you will find that it is a religion of peace. And FYI, Sunni Muslims believes the Messiah is Jesus (peace be upon him). Yes there is reference to a Mehdi in Sunni Islamic texts but he is different from the Messiah (i.e. Jesus peace be upon him).

  10. Christians being slaughtered!!! Where?
    Christians have slaughtered fellow Christians and Muslims. Don't go too back in the history. Just remind past few decades. Ww1, ww2, Black genocide, Genocide in India, Wars waged on several countries Americans Christians. Germans vs Ameirica vs Russia, vs Other European countries. Vietnam, Combodia, Afghanistan, Iraq, China…Nuclear attacks on Japan, Genocide of jews in different period of times by Christians, Fall of Usmanian caliphate…
    In everything there is Christian hand.

  11. Brother I think you should 1st read the Quran and Islamic Hadith before say all this. Islam believes Antichrist ( the deceiver ) will come and he is referred as Dajjal not Mehdi. Jesus Christ ( Isa Peace be upon him ) will appear as true masi and will kill Dajjal ( Antichrist). Mahdi is just a Islamic leader.

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