Wiccan Prayer in Iowa House Draws Protests

The Iowa House of Representatives started the day Thursday with a controversial prayer by a Wiccan priestess.



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  1. Islamic prayers in D.C. , Wiccan prayer in Iowa , and on and on it will go , unless we all awake and start praying ourselves. Let us all repent of sticking our heads in the sand and living only for ourselves as the enemy takes over one piece at a time.

  2. This is hilarious, I guess religious freedom only extends to the religion of the majority. Seriously though, Reike is throwing off some hardcore homosexual mannerisms. The amount of hypocrisy is so thick it is beyond comical levels.

  3. Only idiot Christians would call this controversial. Last I checked, the Bill of Rights assured religious freedom for ALL religions, not just Christianity.

    And how childish and rude to turn your back on a prayer! You don't have to pray with her, but maybe just treat the speaker with kindness and dignity?

  4. I wish they'd shown the prayer. I'm curious as to what she said.
    Also, the Christians protesting are so rude and arrogant. So much for freedom of expression. Oh, well. Blessed be, to those who follow the craft and Christians/people of other faiths who are open-hearted towards it. )O(

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