Don't Settle for Crumbs: Hope for Christian Singles

More Americans than ever before are delaying marriage.



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  1. Ugh…I'm over 30 and just want God to remove this desire for a Christian husband, if the answer is "no". God is first in my life and the only men I ever come across who love the Lord like I do, aren't even in the same state as I am. I don't want to long for a Christian husband if it's God's will for me to be alone forever.

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  3. Melissa story is similar to mines. my boyfriend died as well an at first I said I never want to date again then now I'm at the point where i miss companionship an I want to be married. I'm celibate now an I'm waiting on God. I'm gonna stay pure until my wedding night. But during my wait I'm very productive God has shown me my purpose in life an I'm keeping busy.

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  5. So is it settling if the guy is ugly but he loves you to the moon and back…he is christian loves the Lord has a good job but he is just not appealing to the eye

  6. This is very encouraging message. I have been single for more than 2 decades after I broke up with my first & last boyfiend . I am saving myself and waiting for God's right time to fulfill his promise in my life. Nevertheless I am happy serving the Lord faithfully.

  7. I am a Christian. I am not sure if true women of the LORD have given up on their search for the person they pray to marry; nonetheless, my perspective on dating is based on Christian living. Also, I do not believe in fornication, nor shaking up. I do not drink, nor smoke. I made my decision about the kind of girlfriend, fiance, wife, mother of my future children (One Christian woman) that I want to marry; and I've been praying for a Christian wife since I was in high school and college. Today I am still praying…

  8. Unfortunately we all won't marry some of us will some of us won't … In the end it's not about me it's about God and pleasing him. My heart wants to please him if he wants me to marry it will happen until then I'm on battlefield for the lost and my love ones . God can do beyond what we think he knows our desires and wants until then rest in him and his will… I hope that encourages someone … Don't get caught up with the things of this world its distraction … Get busy for God …. That's way more important

  9. This is good. I always hear that I need to trust God. I have a friend that has been texting me and calling me but he stopped texting and calling me and he said that we have to wait too. It is hard to do but I am trying.

  10. God is love, God has a plan for you. put your trust and faith in him and watch your life transform.. he will bring that person to you in the right season. until then, pray, live your life, travel, start a business, go on an adventure, do things that scare you, live outside of your comfort zone because god has given you a gift so you should use that gift while you wait… Someone reading this needs to know God loves them.. x

  11. Two failed relationships back to back after 13 & half years of being single. Now 35. I'll admit. I don't like being single. It doesn't suit me. I just don't want it. I just want a husband & children & always have.

  12. There is no place in churches or Christianity for single adults. They are simply not wanted in churches. They are looked at, as by society as a whole, as pariahs, as incomplete, as unstable and as objects of pity, scorn and even suspicion. Very few churches, even the big ones, have anything at all for single adults. If a singles "ministry" exists at all it is pathetic, an unwanted stepchild, staffed by someone with zero experience with single adults and very far removed from the life and focus of the church. Single adults are the fastest growing demographic out there and churches just don't want to deal with them. I left church and Christianity period years ago for this and other reasons and I have no plans of ever going back!

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