Daughter of Lesbians: 'The Kids Are Not Alright'

One key part of today’s Supreme Court debate centers on whether sanctioning gay marriage is fair to the children who would then be raised by same-sex couples.



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  1. Danny, are u serious?? It is obvious. Having a mom AND dad is beneficial because they both bring certain things to your upbringing. Mom and mom or dad and dad results in kids #1 growing up believing being gay is the way they should live too, and #2 takes away from the things that both mom and dad teach.

  2. I don't think anyone disputes that having both a father and mother in general works better than other combinations and permutations… again, in general. 

    Whether you think God set this up, or whether you took biology101, having two parents of different genders is the obvious way things were designed.

     I think kids need both the reason and feeling aspects of parents of different genders as far as human species goes.

  3. Interesting how much of, if not almost all of the defense of homosexual and lesbian parents, uses logical fallacy straw man, ad hominem, circular, appeals to and reducto ad absurdum etc, as an argument. But then the atheist radical gay movement is virtually entirely leftist which invariably favors the tyranny of the collective and group over the individual.

  4. She didn't lay out a convincing point though. You could dismiss the "accurate view of God" portion immediately because that bears no objective value in determining whether or not the children of gay parents are "alright."

    On the contrary, this woman's testament praises her mother. She doesn't mention anything at all about her mother's partner. She didn't specify to experiencing pain or longing to any extent distinguishable from a child in a single parent home who misses their absent parent. Should we then conclude that children of single parent families aren't alright? Should those family arrangements be forbidden by law?

    She's right that there is a difference between tolerance and acceptance, and it's terrific on her mother's part that she never forced acceptance upon anybody. Acceptance supersedes tolerance insofar that it doesn't have the same passive-aggressive ramifications that tolerance has. In order to justifiably withhold acceptance though, one ought to have an evidential reason– an actually significant and verifiable reason– for doing so. To date, with this video included, I have yet to find any such evidence to dismiss the effectiveness of a same sex couple, let alone the merits of their marriage.

    Does that mean no such evidence exists? No– I'm still on the hunt here. If the only reasons being put forward though have to do with, "Gay parents make God sad," or, "Children raised by gay parents will have serious issues!" then I remain unconvinced.

  5. Didn't they say the same thing for mix race .  this is BS  what the different between them living together or living together with a pieces of paper with legal rights
    People will love who they love with or with out  a legal paper so that is not a good reason.  the children will benefit more now .  changing the law WILL NOT Change who you love.  look at past US history with blacks and mix race, alcohol cigarettes …   what would you do if the person you love  is dying and you can't make a decision on what to do for the person you love.  let live in the good US of A where you are free (but only how the "people" think you should live)  all because you think about what they do in the private time you are grossed out.  get your mind out of think about sex but think about love.   
    kids will be in this no matter what the law end up as.  in 100 years  this will be a day that people remember  and wonder why it was a big deal to let people love the people they love
    this is one thing I agree with Obama
    it not my place or anyone or organization/religion  to tell someone who they can love a

    if you agree please like and share this.  let not make a bad day in US  history

  6. This woman needs therapy, her issues are not what she thinks they are and she's blaming the wrong person. She has daddy issues plain and simple. If she spent her childhood "longing for her daddy" then she should blame her dad for not being around not her mother for being a lesbian. Many parents divorce for many reasons but both parents still stay involved in their children's lives. The fact that hers didn't has nothing to do with her moms sexuality and everything to do with her father being a deadbeat dad! There are all types of families in this world, some by choice and some due to circumstance. Why is it not ok for the LGBT community to want acceptance yet if kids grow up with grandparents raising them or in foster care etc that's fine?

  7. I had a father and a mother. I longed for their divorce. How is this relevant, though? Are people seriously buying into this? And what kind of shitty person gets raised in a loving household, only to spit in their family's face afterwards? I really hate humanity right about now.

  8. Gay people may look nice when they're young. But they lead so a miserable life when they get old. They even can't bear themselves, that's why many, many gay people kill themselves no matter how rich some of them are.
    I'm not against gay people, but I know the reality because I've seen it.
    I hope a good cure is given to them as early stage of their life as possible.

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