Nepal Pastor's Last Words: God Will Grant Power to Continue Ministry

Last week’s earthquake devastated Nepal’s tiny Christian community, many of whom were in church when it hit. Hundreds were killed, including Pastor Elija Gahle.



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  1. God is ALWAYS faithful….He takes some of His children home thru various circumstances, in order to make way for the next generation of young faithful children to continue the ministry in a new and different direction, according to His infinite wisdom…Christ is Almighty and Sovereign…God bless the Christians of Nepal…

  2. God is real !! We should never make fun n use our Holy Lord name… God is a creator and He is a Destroyer too… One day we all have to leave this world but until we are on earth we should serve Him n have faith in Him …. And m sure it's a sign of God,giving us a chance to repent ourselves dear brothers and sisters of Nepal …God loves us n He want us to live an eternal life with Him …so let the say whatever they want but it's just you, who should realize and have faith in Him and see Everything will be good …Amen.

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