Martial Law? Jade Helm Lists 'Hostile' US States

An unprecedented U.S. military exercise slated to take place across seven Southwest states this summer is making many residents feel uneasy. So what exactly is Jade Helm 15?



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  1. USA will face a civil war. Govt also expect that it's very near , so this military police exercise is needed. God's people only protected in this crisis. Already thousands of coffins are ready to store dead bodies in many US states was a open secret. Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.

  2. I hope yall are buying lots of silver. You're gonna need it.
    Melt it down and make ammo. Then put a bullet in your head.
    That's my take on listening to propaganda.
    Worrrrrrrry your pretty little faces to wrinkles.

  3. Pretty much everybody has it wrong and the military brass that knows about this can not talk about it. This is in direct response to a very real threat. Chinese incursion. China owns most of our debt and is pushing for the Yuan to be the monetary standard for currency in the world market. When we allow them to take Taiwan they will assume we are a paper tiger and when we default on debt to them they will use that as a pretense for war. China is implementing a 50 year plan to be the dominant world power. The Obama administration has the foolish assumption that sword rattling  "we are getting ready to fight you here" to China is somehow going to avert this. History will show that the fall of the US was due to it's politicians being incrementally bought and influenced by it's enimies. Basically they were (and are) incompetent and only interested in short term personal gain. – we can all do something about it. Only elect over qualified honest people and stand up against the smear campaigns from the bought and paid for media complex.

  4. They ain't doing nothing but bringing shit they do around the world you want to pay attention.people from around the world been trying to tell y'all usual American ignorance and stupidity doesn't listen until it hits home!!

  5. i'm not taking any sides, but i can see the negative impact this is having , the senator i can relate to his views :/ … This reminds me of a Epitomized police state from some movie or something … next thing u know … you don't have freedom of speech or freedom to think … What the hell is happening to America , who is pulling these strings ?

  6. Some Americans feeling uneasy ??   To any  real independent Americans this is unacceptable behavior – Yet, County,City, State and Military, these governMental bankrupt welfare prostitutes and petitioners  seem to be  feeling ok hope with a feeling something is real wrong.  Thank GOD FOR GUNS if not we would be another communist region.

    Two quotes that you need to be hosed down
    "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think.”
    "Words build bridges into unexplored regions."
    Adolf Hitler

  7. So this is why they are making God irrelevant? Oh, we have no rights because we were founded on the authority of God?  No God meaning no rights?
    To me this video illustrates the true American's ideology. I am most impressed with it of all the videos I have watched.  It definitely makes my feeling clear anyway. However, it could be just a public showing. People deceive easily and wantonly. The Most High gave you His word. Convoluted at best in OUR time, but; if you are with the Most High God, it WILL be revealed to you. And you would not mistake it for a minute. peace. There is a God inside each of us. Who is yours?

  8. They did not tell the public domain till the next day after this came closer then ever before and was projected to kill 1.5 billion. It barely missed but jade helm was prep to control Laos after he incident just incase.

  9. just to keep a dead horse beat down, how is the conspiracy looking now guys, did those vaults for coffins on those trains scare you enough or how about those walmart and fema death camps, better yet how about that martial law…its amazing some people can still feed themselves.

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