Ex-Muslims Lighting the Way for Islam's Collapse?

If Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, why are so many Muslims leaving their faith? Some believe the collapse of Islam is on the horizon.



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  1. No one has problems with Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Shinto, Judaism. All have problem with this virus called islam. Ban islam from all countries that dont practise it. Lets end this cancer. Respect to Japan for doing this by the way.

  2. When you think about it every Muslim would want to leave Islam… but they don't because of FEAR. Think about what kind of brainwashing would need to be implemented for this to be the case in today's world.

  3. People have made christianity in to a joke, how many diffrent versions of the bible are there? Woman priests, gay priests… has been changed so much by man, so can it be a divine relegion? And vidoe is completely wrong, they are showing misguided groups like isis and normal muslims as the same thing, thats not true at all.

  4. The number of ex-Muslims continues to skyrocket. Better yet, many of these new apostates are willing to speak out. They are hard at work revealing the ugly truths about Islam, the truths that Islamic leaders concealed from the world for centuries. As a result, Islam's days are numbered. This religion is simply incompatible with Universal human rights and the modern world.

  5. Kalian bisa bilang apa saja, tapi reality akan berbicara apa yg terjadi sesungguhnya. Satu, dua, atau sejumlah orang meninggalkan agamanya, itu biasa saja terjadi dimana2.
    Dan jika mereka dijauhi atau dikucilkan dari lingkungan dg agama terdahulu, itu juga wajar saja. Dimana pun itu terjadi. Mau ex-muslim, ex-kristen, ex-katolik, ex-hindu, ex-buddha, ex-saksi yehova dll. Begitulah situasi yg akan dia hadapi.
    Dan kalau dibilang bahwa murtadin ex-muslim itu oleh Islam dihukum bunuh, itu fitnah. Jika keluarga atau teman2nya yg ingin membunuh, itu adalah alasan personal, bukan ajaran Islam.
    Ini tidak lain hanyalah propaganda, hanya mimpi dari kalian, paling tidak ini bualan dari jurnalis SAMPAH .. !!! RUBBISH .. !!
    Kalian akan saksikan bahwa ISLAM akan menguasai & merajai dunia.

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