Gender Identity Curriculum Angers Parents in Virginia

The Fairfax County Public school board recently approved lessons about homosexuality and gender identity in its Family Life Education curriculum. The move has angered many parents who are concerned they cannot opt their children out.



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  1. This's what happens when you remove the moral boundaries from society. Once you do that – its anybody's game & no group will be considered more moral or right than the next. More ruling of the many by the few. Proverbs 14:34 "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people."

  2. Please tell me the purpose of this. This is another way of molding, shaping and controlling. This has nothing to do with educating our children (remember we were not suppose to learn how to read nor write), they just want to train them at an early age. There is no moral or self respect about any of this. This is also teaching our children to hate who they are and love what they are. Home schooling is the best thing for our children. I pray that they don't stop home schooling, because if they do our children are in serious trouble. PLEASE ALL PARENTS THAT ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THIS STAY ON TOP AT ALL TIMES, BECAUSE THEY WILL FIND A LOOP HOLE. Remember we were made to reproduce. This is another way of genocide, to stop the world population. We know it cannot and will not happen.

  3. Know Jesus, know peace.  No Jesus, no peace.  This is just another step toward the takeover by the antichrist.  Parents save your children from this untoward generation!  Stand up for righteousness, and stand down for brain washing.

  4. @brenden walton### satan can never win. GOD is ruler over all, this is just signs to show GOD is coming soon, it said so in the bible, and when he comes lets see what your comment going to be then. Hail that!!!

  5. THIS is the LGBT trying to create new recruits. Plain and simple.

    People need to stop pussyfooting this issue and they need to speak out, especially in public where these wicked God hating reprobates are now comfortable enough to expose their wickedness to everyone.

  6. You can't blame the parents for being upset. Even the secular and free spirit parents would be saying whoa to this. There's a reason why kids have to wait until they hit puberty to take classes on Sex Ed. Kids are too young be learning about homosexuality and gender. They are still learning the differences and similarity between men and women. This is too much confusion. The emphasis on switching genders and gender neutral people and things do not work for everyone. Not everyone is applauding the recent gay marriage approval by the Supreme Court. Even some LGBTQ activists were question the emphasis placed on such a decision above other rights. Listen here:

  7. @*****   "My grandchildren are almost school age. We will be homeschooling. This is an adult topic. Children do not need to learn this at this age." 

    I knew I was mentally/emotionally female (transgender) since the age of 4.  I was born this way.  I wasn't molested, nor did my family encourage my "effeminate" behavior.  In fact, quite often I was beaten for playing with dolls, wearing my mom's clothes, makeup, etc.  I was forced to do masculine things with the grown males in my family, and I fucking hated every minute of it.  Todays (transgender) kids who are going through what I went through, need to know that there's nothing wrong with them.  There's no reason for them to be ashamed for being who they are.  Other kids who  are not trans or gay, and don't understand the concept of it, need to be educated and taught acceptance.  Because you bigoted adults teach them to hate and bully.  That's why these classes exist. 

    If there was no homophobia/transphobia, then there would be no need for these classes.  Shortly after racial segregation ended there were classes in schools to teach children diversity, and racial acceptance.  The same thing is happening with LGBT, kids are getting sensitivity training.  DEAL WITH IT!!!!



  9. Uhm…. so… you don't want your children to be educated about the world they live in?? would you like them to figure it out on their own?? or are YOU going to teach them about gender identity and sexual orientation by waving a finger in their face and saying (That's against GOD)… and turn then into the intolerant bunch you religious are?… what if your child struggles with their sexuality?? wouldn't it be better to know there's nothing wrong with being gay or feeling like your in the wrong body??….

  10. 1: holding a different opinion or structure of beliefs does not automatically equate to bieng hatefull, bigoted, uneducated or the like. You cannot force an ideology onto people and then call names when they dont accept or disagree. 2: Speaking of disagreement, i find it curious how most tote science on a stick when it comes to everything except basic, natural biology and relations via genders. It's quite simple, scientifically speaking, boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. Males procreate with women due to biological functions via the biological parts they are born with. 3: To deny this basic if all truths renders the tool of science inoperable, if indeed it must consider people who may be confused, mentally ill or simply not given basic facts of life. Again, this isnt hate or bigotry or intolerance….its my simple belief and science tends to confirm it as true.

  11. I've always believed what consenting adults do is their busines, but seriously. Start brainwashing kids and you might as well campaign for white nationalists. You lost seats in the House, Senate and White House, several blue states, continuously alienate the left with corporporate, war mongering candidates, now you want to convince moderates that pedophiles and lunatics are running the educational establishment? Why not just go door to door canvassing for Trump, because that is what you are going to get in 2020.

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