Wake Up, World: 'There Is Another Holocaust Under Way'

As the West fails to take action against ISIS, many feel abandoned and alone. But the Iraqi Christian Relief Council is helping call the Church to action through a short film called “Sing a Little Louder.”



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  1. Sorry but the answer isn't praying. you can spend all your life on your knees praying, until they come knocking on your door. "Rescue those being led away to death" proverb 24:11– the key word there is rescue, not pray, activly do something about it

  2. This is some bs.. Christians are being persecuted yes.. so is every living thing In their path… Jews Christians Muslims atheists.. don't just make it like its one group once you start realizing that your faith your book your bible says he died for ALL PEOPLE! you may be able to remove the veils of bs from your eyes… and try healing and saving ALL ppl not just other Christians.. it was the Muslims opening up the shrines and homes to the Christians in Iraq.. because they see each other as one.. not Christian or Muslim..

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