What Does Church Security Look Like?

What does church security look like? CBN News visited Brown Missionary Baptist Church near Memphis, Tennessee. Click here to see how their top-notch security team keeps members safe.



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  1. I used to think "praise the Lord and pass the ammunition" was satire. I don't normally go to church anyway. I can understand why a black church feels the need to protect themselves, but if you really believe in God, then why don't you trust in the Lord to protect you ?

  2. One dispatcher for a church that big is NOT enough….those Security Guards are not professional either….their backs are to the doors….what kind of Security are you if you aren't even observing who is coming inside the building?

    Only professionals should be allowed to do this….this is nothing more than possibly intimidating a would be gunman…

  3. Why doesn't anybody else wonder why churches need security and whats wrong with the "big guy" why cant he run people off? Bad enough he needs fake news to help him fulfil bible prophecies, isnt it?

  4. I dont see a problem with this. Nobody forces people to go to this church. People acknowledge the fact that they are under CCTV when they come to the church. The church has recognized that we live in a dangerous world and have taken proactive measures to protect themselves. I think its great.

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