Unafraid of ISIS, Iraqi Girl's Faith Beyond Viral

ISIS has brutalized, raped, and murdered thousands. But the unshakeable faith of young Maryam Behnam, who had to flee from the terrorist group, has encouraged Christians in Iraq and around the world.



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  1. Why would anyone vote this down? That amazes me. She wants to be like Jesus just as all Christians want to be and loving our enemies is one of the things Jesus says to do and to not just love them but to also forgive them as Jesus has forgiven us.

  2. Devout Christians and devout Muslims, unshakable in their beliefs and more than willing to kill each other or to do anything to further their religious cause. But it's very important to get them when they are very young, it's much, much, easier to brainwash an innocent mind and an indoctrinated child is much easier to control. Isn't religion a wonderful thing.

  3. a love story?!

    oh yeah. it calls us all pieces of shit that deserve to suffer, and then tells us it tortured Jesus instead for our sins, so now we have to accept that as being our punishment or else we will be tortured in the afterlife.

    yeah, quite a love story.

  4. this is so important she's so special we should follow her but we're not going to but God bless her too she's strong what a good girl bought those for oh man I can't even say it it's so beautiful God bless her

  5. The Holy spirit truly rsides inher, wise beyond her years, that's God;) God Is Great! Hallelujiah, I enjoyed her words what we go through is for God to get the glory out of, a testimony, not to exalt ourselves, I needed to hear this, Amen, praise God:)

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