Mary Mary's Tina Campbell on 'Love Gone Wrong'

Tina Campbell is a reality TV star and half of the awarding-winning gospel duo Mary Mary.  But in recent years her most unforgettable storyline, and her latest music project, focuses a lot on love – specifically love gone wrong.



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  1. @RoyalMasterpiece I couldn't agree with you more about the church needing to address mental health issues. They are the most ignored issues plaguing the church but if we dealt with it head on, it would help us as Christians to learn how to understand and treat others much better.

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  3. She is such a inspiration to me her music is helping me get through life’s challenges and ups and downs and Mary Mary music is helping me get through what I’m going through I love Tina Campbell she is so amazing and a wonderful person and wonderful daughter of god and I love her drive to always follow Jesus Christ

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