Immigration Wave: Will Europe Still Be Europe?

Migrants are continuing to pour into Europe by the hundreds of thousands. But what if the migrant surge doesn’t stop?



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  1. Naive & weak Europeans say we are good people, we don't wanna be racists, we don't wanna stop migration.

    My question is, can you afford to be good people when you are faced with an existential threat?

    Because the people you are inviting in are hardwired to hate you & to eventually out breed you into minority in your own land & then slaughter you under sharia law!

    My question is, can you afford to be sheeps in front of wolves?

    How is that supposed to work out for you? Ha?

  2. There will be war and Europeans will stand up. However when the war is over let us not forget what these pigs did to them . how they destroyed Europe so that the war is not blames on Europeans again.

  3. Every week another boat full–and I do mean FULL of fake black refugees arrives in Italy wanting the free money.   Italians are not only talking about this,  but some are saying that they must vote in Fascism.   Well the government is trying to stop them by calling this "hate speech  (which there is No Such thing or we wouldn't be able to condemn the Nazis)   Well here is where the story truly becomes laughable.  As the government cracks down on what people talk abut,   it is the Fascist who are fighting for free speech,  hehehehe

  4. No!!! Third-World people cannot maintain our Western standard of living. They destroyed their own countries, fled to ours and as we have seen will not change their behavior. Europe will be third-world by 2050. Where will White People like us go? To be ourselves?

  5. Reform divorce laws keep family’s together provide decent wages would have been better choice …you people deserve what you got …only hope is to kick them out stop feminism return to family values

  6. Tell me 1 good thing that you will get out of these Islamic invasions in Western countries??? Correct nothing!!! And the lefties Governments look away afraid to be called a racist??? WTF than i am proud to be called a racist if you want to defend you country and culture!!! Close your borders that's it!!! A lot of European leaders don't have a backbone so they screw op their own countries!!! Proud of Hungary and Poland!!!!

  7. CBN news, shame on you!
    The tone and nature of this video is purely anti-immigrant and We are taught in universities that the media shouldn't be biased and subjective but neutral. Don't perpetuate racial and ethnic hatred, be fair!

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