CBN News Weekend: Coconut Oil

On CBN News Weekend, Sept. 12: A special edition focused on the health benefits of coconut oil.



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  1. You want your health get off GMOs foods fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radio microwaves radiation wake up sheeple

  2. To discuss Coconut oil is not always to be referring to THE coconut oil that is beneficial to use in cooking; it must be unrefined, it must be "first cold pressed" or cold expeller pressed , or simply expeller pressed and it must say virgin. it must be "non GMO", it must not have any additives to preserve anything about genuine , real coconut. it must smell and slightly taste of coconut. Any refinement, even to lessen the coconut taste ALTERS the nutritional value downward. One of the first things that advertisers learn to do is to use sloppy language. Yet , anyone who thinks knows that a thing referred to is not always what one thinks is being referred to. There are adjetives and verbs that clarify distinctions…

  3. An oil based diet is called a Keto diet (versus a carbohydrate diet that causes Type 2 diabetes).

    Your body on Keto learns to burn oil instead of carbohydrates.

    If you're Type 2 diabetic, listen to Dr. Fung and a YouTuber called 'Beat Diabetes'.

  4. i like mixing extra virgin coconut oil with full spectrum bioactive hemp oil then throw in some chaga and reishi mushroom powder and you have like a very powerful skin cream for removing blemishes and nuetralizing nerve pain. It also makes a potent nootropic combination if you were to consume it, just don't mix anything that would make it unconsumable like isopropyl alcohol. And dont take the mushrooms if you are on any nerve deadening agents like gabapentin, lyrica, etc. also coconut water powder is great supplement to take during a psilocybin trip for people who think they can't eat anything on psychedelics (which is honestly foolish just eat some coconut oil and water powder if you feel you need to consume something)

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