Japan Is Dying: All Work, No Sex Means No Future

Japan is dying. CBN’s George Thomas traveled to Tokyo for an in-depth look at how falling birth rates and a rapidly aging society are affecting the future of the Pacific island-nation.
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  1. Respect the situation. Hats off to japan. Old people are wiser and smarter and healthier (except in America where everyone is sick). They will be fine – they can automate / no country needs that many people or crazy population growth.

  2. Japan is a beautiful country full of cultural umami. More than babies however what they need more than anything is Jesus. It should be clear that we're in the last days and I'd be surprised if even 1% of Japanese are Christian. I study Japanese on my own hoping to one day be able to share the Gospel there.

  3. Its the same problem all around the world. Small town dies because people are moving to big cities for better life because everything is complete there, easy access to everything, have everything, foods, drinks, entertainment, better jobs, better salary, u name it. Government do not support local businesses and its people rather, they oppressed its own people and make their life much more difficult, example : to make a business one must make paper files with the government which is so complicated and requires much amount of money and it takes a very long time to finish the paper. The dirty and corrupt high ranking officials controlled by the elites.

  4. This is a form of nun conscious Seppuku. The Japanese culture has faded away, and people don’t find gratification without the structure for it.

    Typically, the Japanese deal with problems privately and with dignity, unlike the rest of the world, going crazy with insane passions.

    Japan is facing two terrible things: Fukushima and China. China is the deadlier.

  5. It's quite maddening how blind and stupid people are. The problem is the corporatocracy.
    Every human being should have basic rights for a basic welfare so they don't have to work 12 hours a day.
    The wealthy business owners only cares about its self interests, the rest of the population does not concern them.

  6. They need to import fifty million Mexicans like US did and learn Spanish. Black , Arab, Hispanic "Japanese" will promptly replace them as a work force and as human population. No "native" people – no problem amigos

  7. Don't you people know these are human beings in Japan? Just as deceived as any society like the USA or anywhere else in this world trusting in their own ways and efforts to "make it right" then glorify themselves inside of it and can't see it falling apart? Where's the Christian Gospel of Jesus Christ reaching out his hand to all nations and calling people from every nation, kindred, tongue and people out to follow him? It's not in this "Christian Broadcast News" which isn't christian at all.

     If some of you truly trusting, living pillars trusting in him want to see what Jesus is building in Japan, why don't you watch on youtube, "The Testimony of Eriko Suzuki" a Japanese woman who came to the LORD, and so did her brother… and leave this secular "how much $$ can I get paid from youtube and mask as some Christian Broadcasting channel while doing that." Go watch that video instead..and send non-believers to her testimony. It has English translation so you can hear/read for yourself what God did.

    GOD BLESS YOU TRUE BELIEVERS IN HIM. See what God is doing in Japan vs. this.

  8. ..and CBN is TRULY a Christian News Broadcast??? In this news piece..secularly done… Where's Jesus? Where's any of his message to Japan? A message inspired from the Word of God from CBN? Like Jesus saying to everyone on earth..saying as well to all Japanese people: "Come all ye that Labor and are heavy Laden and I will give you rest." Jesus isn't powerful enough to give Japanese people rest? Jesus is too week to help Japanese people who self-laden themselves with heavy burden just like we did before we came to him and put our cares on him? NO. Jesus will give ANY and ALL Japanese people rest if they would come to him. That's the WORD OF GOD to Japan.

     Is this news piece more about getting more youtube view hits vs. telling people about the work of Jesus Christ? CBN: Joe's Bar & Grill Christian Tire Sale Store story right here.

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