Hagee on Iran Deal: Final Blood Moon a Divine Warning

Pastor John Hagee believes the current series of four blood moons is a divine sign something major is about to happen involving Israel — with Iran’s drive towards a nuclear weapon being a possible trigger.



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  1. Funny, so many of the comments here are that the blood moons came and went, and we're still here. But no one at any time was saying they would bring the end of the world. Those commenters ought to be a little more careful about calling people stupid.

  2. The "Day of the Lord, is a day of wrath. Christians are not appointed to wrath. We will not see, the day of the lord. The Jews will. And that is a day they will turn back to him. Don't worry, be saved….. repent, but be comforted.. and divide right the scripture to whom it goes to and for what time period…… Read the Kjv

  3. The next sequence is December 26th…then January 10th.
    The rare occasion that the Hebrew Calendar, counting from Adam&Eve, and Christian Calendar, counting from Messiah's birth, are synchronized to within 24 hours. The month's align.
    It happens again in June/July 2020.
    Israel is about to take back their land that contains, Abraham's grave, Sarah's grave, ALL the Patriarch's and Matriarch's graves, as well as Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee and others they do not control….
    3 Mosques sit on the Temple Mount. NO Christian or Hebrew is allowed to pray on what Solomon built for our Creator.
    You will be arrested. Even for a flag.
    Pray outside against the wall…nfdel.
    This could be the best Hanuka and Christmas ever….they fall on exactly the same date.

  4. Huh I guess the moon and sun crossing paths and aligning at the right place to cause a solar eclipse is not normal and so are not thunderstorms and comets

    This is why we have guys like AronRa to explain things rather than go to "God Did It…. done dusted, dismissed!!!!"

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