'Five Heartbeats' Actor Hollywood's 'Triple Threat'

Leon Robinson, of “The Five Heartbeats” fame,  is what Hollywood calls a triple threat.



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  1. The man deserves to be seen more often in feature films & TV. I also had a chance to recently see his musical group- "LEON & THE PEOPLES". Great mixture of Reggae, R&B/Soul – audience loved it. Check'em out -they'll put a smile on your face,

  2. Leon you have to know you are great you made love to a ghost in that flick with that famous girl I think it was the sister from beloved but maybe I'm wrong but you have to know Michael Wright's Eddie King portrail is Oscar worthy all of you were Oscar worthy come to think about it

  3. Robert Townsend should do another movie. Part 2. Leon I am so proud of our beautiful strong black men. The Five Heart Beats is an awesome movie. And you are a prime figure as a great father. God Bless & keep your health & strength & continue to do good movies.

  4. I hope and pray that Leon is born again. It'd be great to see him in heaven with the rest of the heartbeats. I love that movie. I also know that a few of the actors from The Temptations are also saved like the actor who played Al Bryant who used to be in 7th Heaven and also Terron Brooks who played Eddie Kendricks. Pray for all those people in Hollywood who have a faith. I'm sure it's not easy making a living in the entertainment industry. It was great that Leon did this interview for CBN. It was a surprise, a pleasant surprise. Rick in Minneapolis

  5. Leon is a good actor. I enjoyed the movie "The Five Heartbeats." But, the anchor and CBN with their secular presentations doesn't typify the Glory of God. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Galtians 5:9

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