The Hope: Four Jewish Claims to the Land of Israel – September 25, 2015

This week a special edition of Jerusalem Dateline: We take a look at four Jewish claims to the Land of Israel and the Jewish history and culture that extend back thousands of years.



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  1. The jews conquered the land of Israel, and they were expelled from the land by the Romans, but not totally obliterated. The arabs became prominent when the jewish began coming back on the 1830's and came invited by the ottomans. The jewish made the desert desolated lands a economic dynamo, the arabs flocked there to benefit from the jewish success. While the arabs controlled the land , the land was empty and desolated, a wasteland. The Arabs have a long tradition of banditry, nomadic life and brigand life style..

  2. "It's strange to hear many Zionist Christians these days mimicking the Pharisees and Sadducees in desiring the kingdom
    of Israel restored to have worldly dominion in the area, when Jesus taught that His kingdom was not of this world.
    Our focus, as Christians, is mandated to be the proclamation of the gospel, and not to be cheerleaders in worldly affairs.
    Let the worldly people look after worldly affairs, and let us be concerned with advancing Christ's Kingdom.
    Peace; not the slaughter of middle-eastern peoples…
    I think the work of saving all of Israel (a remnant) after the Great Tribulation is to be God's work, and should have nothing to do with Zionist Christians, some of which I believe are being fed a new gospel of 'yeshua' to eventually trust in their own works of keeping the law.
    Christ said His kingdom is not of this world, and to focus on the kingdom of heaven;
    and yet, we have so many Christians today riveted on the physical land of Israel…
    will Christ reign bodily from Israel (after descending on the Mt of Olives) over all the world for a 1000 years?
    Or, is that a figurative description of events?"

  3. 95% of nowadays Jews are of European origin , Khazars converted to judaism,
    Israel is new Khazars in middle east that brings other Jews who belong to their country's
    The Jewish wall and dead sea scrolls , and other  jewish archaeological  sites belong  to the Palestinian people.
    Palestine, Yemen and many parts of Hijaz, Eqypt, Iraq were Jews, the rest were Christians and zaradisht, mass converting to the new religion

  4. They keep saying "according to historians" in this video, but they never actually name a single accredited one..  RED FLAG!  Religious scholars are NOT historians!  Religious scholars specialize in a particular narrative derived from a single, old book.  Historians specialize in, HISTORY!

  5. As they dig up Our bones they know Our DNA proves We are the True People of Israel the Children of Abraham. but oh no they make the claim publicly they don't dig up thier dead. They know full well who they are not and keep fooling the world like thier father.

  6. this report does not help Israel – it use's land issues from the the 30's and 40's to say that all the all lands were brought fairly and that no Arab lost land unfairly and this is true for those years and the lands brought during this time – however in 1949 Arabs fled or were driven off lands that had been included in the Arab state by the UN but had become Israeli . No Arab has been compensated for Jaffa – Lydda – Ramle – Al Mijdal – Beisan – Acre – Beersheba – these were all Arab cities that were depopulated and were never compensated .Fault of course lies on both sides , but to lie like this video does is wrong . But this is a christian production so lies come very easily .

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