Christian Prof. Calls Out Universities on Intolerance

One area of the culture war over faith is in schools and colleges. One man knows that battle well: Dr. Mike Adams, author and criminology professor.



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  1. LMAO. Kim Davis wasn't practicing religious freedom, she was forcing her beliefs onto others, ignoring the Constitution, and not doing her job. Restore the Constitution? By WHAT? Making students like Christianity? What a joke. What do you mean "Taken over by the enemy"? You mean non-Christians?

    You understand you can be an agnostic atheist right?

    What Christian world view? He's not explaining anything. Does he think not murdering people is mutually exclusive to the Christian world view? What a joke.

  2. This is my NEW HERO – we need more of his character. I gotta love this guy. Whether you believe in Christianity or not this is ultimately about FREEDOM FROM POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. America used to be about freedom of speech – I'm ashamed of those who claim they are "offended" GET OVER IT you got no right to not be offended so take a hike. I agree – we got to stick together – stand up to bullies.

  3. I really wish this was framed as common sense vs the world instead of Christians vs the world.
    Let common sense win and respect for religions will come. Let Christians win and we'll likely just switch to another form of offense culture similar to islam.

    Thicker skins are needed all around.

  4. Obvious con man is is obvious.

    1. No one has been jailed for expressing their christian beliefs in the US.
    Kim Davis broke the law. (Romans 13)
    2. He accepts being previously labeled a "devout atheist."
    Devout: having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment.
    Atheism is a lack of belief so this makes no sense.
    3. His explanation for becoming theistic is also absurd. He interviewed a mentally
    handicapped murderer that recited one if the most commonly quoted verses in the
    bible and this apparently is inspirational. Then after 9 months of reading a single text
    he is convinced from an "intellectual perspective" that the christian world view is
    That is the opposite of an intellectual stance. Where is the criticism and doubt that
    comes along with an intellectual perspective? An intellectual would have noticed the
    vast number of contradictions and inconsistencies written in the bible.
    4. He is soliciting his book. He is pandering to a market for profit. I would not be
    surprised if he is still and atheist, or never was one to begin with.

  5. No no no, expressing your beliefs as a Christian will NOT land you in jail here in the US. That is a flat out lie. However, refusing to do your job as a government official and in doing so breaking the law will land you in jail. She wasn't jailed for being a Christian or expressing her Christian beliefs, she was jailed for refusing to do her job as an elected official and impeding government proceedings.

    Please stop portraying Christians as being oppressed. Just because you guys don't get to force your beliefs on people anymore doesn't mean you are being oppressed. People are just finally not letting you get away with being the oppressors anymore.

  6. I love your courage. Thank you for the inspiration. Intolerance of a Christian or conservative perspective is very painful. “Our campuses have been taken over by the enemy.” A year ago I would have considered this to be crazy. I now see you as being true to your faith!

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